Your First Year: Frequently Asked Questions

Updated April 22, 2019

Here are some questions that the First Year Office is asked frequently:

Q: I’m not feeling well. Where can I see a doctor or mental health professional on campus?
 The University’s Health & Wellness Centre has a medical clinic that is open to all U of T students and includes both general medical and mental health practitioners. They also offer a range of wellness workshops and online information.

Full-time students have extended health coverage through the University of Toronto Student Union (UTSU) for dental care, psychological services, and other benefits. For international students, visit CIE’s web page on health coverage.

Q: I’m too sick to write a final exam. What do I do?
A: Sometimes, things don’t go as planned. If something unexpected and beyond your control prevents you from fulfilling your academic responsibilities, you can file a Petition for Final Examination.

Q: What marks do I need to pass first year?
A: To pass an individual course, you need 50% in that course. However, at U of T Engineering we also review students’ weighted session average at the end of every semester, and this average should be 60% or higher to be in Clear academic standing.

You can read the full promotion regulations in the Academic Calendar, and talk to your Academic Advisor if you have concerns. Learn more about how averages are calculated.

Q: When will I see my final marks?
A: Final marks for winter session first-year courses will be posted on ACORN as they become available. The latest that grades are likely to be posted is May 3, however we hope that they will be available earlier than that date.

Q: What happens if I’m on probation?
A: If you receive a session average of less than 60%, you will be placed on academic probation. There are several different scenarios for students on probation, so your status will depend upon what your average is, and your previous status at the start of the term. The full details about probation and the promotion regulations are contained in the Academic Calendar (under “Academic Regulations,” “Promotion Regulations”). If you have questions about probation or your academic standing, visit the First Year Office to make an appointment with an Academic Advisor.

Q: What if my average is 60% or higher, but I fail a course?
A: If you obtain a mark of less than 50% in one of your courses, you need to retake the course when it is next offered. Usually, this means you will take the course in the summer F (May-June) session. If you are concerned that this might be the case for you, visit the First Year Office to meet with an Academic Advisor.

Q: Are summer courses included in my tuition? And are they offered online?
A: Summer courses carry their own per-course tuition charges on top of your fall/winter fees; summer tuition amounts are posted on the Student Accounts website. Summer courses are generally offered in-person only. Please speak with the First Year Office if you have questions or concerns about summer courses. Summer engineering courses begin the week of May 6, 2019, and you can review the summer timetable online.

Q: I submitted a petition for a missed exam – how do I know what the outcome is?
A: The Faculty Committee on Examinations will review petitions in mid-May, and you’ll be alerted by email when your petition decision is ready to view online. If you have not received that email alert, your petition has not yet been reviewed. Please keep this in mind when looking at grades on ACORN – there may be changes to your academic history depending on your petition outcome.

Q: I’m in a Core 8 program and want to transfer to a different Core 8 program. How do I do this?
A: Core 8 students can request a transfer to a different Core 8 engineering program via the Engineering Portal by May 15. Transfer requests will be reviewed in May/June, with decisions sent to students by email at the end of June. More transfer details are posted here.

Q: What if I’ve decided that engineering is not for me? Can I transfer to a different program at U of T?
A: You can apply for an Internal U of T Transfer to be considered for admission to another Faculty/campus for September 2019. The deadline for the Faculty of Arts & Science was January 16, but has been extended to June 1, 2019 for some programs. We recommend you meet with your academic advisor about this as soon as possible.

Q: I have a disability that impacts my academic performance. Are there accommodations available to me?
A: Academic accommodations are provided when students experience disability-related barriers that prohibit demonstration of their knowledge and skills. Accommodations are provided through the University’s Accessibility Services office to level the playing field upon which students can establish their success.

We encourage you to register for this service as early as possible if you think this might apply.


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