Undergraduate Engineering Research Day (UnERD)

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What is UnERD?

The University of Toronto’s Undergraduate Engineering Research Day (UnERD) is an annual conference where undergraduate engineering students gather to present their research to a broad audience of fellow students, faculty, and industry professionals. UnERD aims to promote collaboration and networking, as well as the exchange of innovative solutions across a wide breadth of global challenges.

This year, UnERD will take place on Wednesday, August 21, 2024, at the Myhal Centre for Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship. All students, professors, and researchers are welcome to attend!

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Meet the 2024 Organizers

UnERD Co-chair - Nidhi Nair

Nidhi Nair

UnERD Co-chair Rafiq Omair

Rafiq Omair

UnERD Communications & Website - Hannalee Wu

Hannalee Wu
Communications & Website Director

UnERD Finance & Scholarship - Jenn Xu

Jenn Xu
Finance & Scholarship Director

Finance & Scholarship - Oleksandra Boiko

Oleksandra Boiko
Finance & Scholarship Director

UnERD Judges & Awards - Richard Lui

Richard Lui
Judging & Awards Director

UnERD Judges & Awards Yu Xin Li

Yu Xin Li
Judging & Awards Director

UnERD Logistics - Salwa Mohammad

Salwa Mohammad
Logistics Director

UnERD Logistics - Shokoofa Dehghani

Shokoofa Dehghani
Logistics Director

UnERD Logistics - Simona Tenche

Simona Tenche
Logistics Director

UnERD Marketing & Promotion - Jennifer Wu

Jennifer Wu
Marketing & Promotion Director

UnERD Marketing & Promotion - Yuhan Zhang

Yuhan Zhang
Marketing & Promotion Director

Finance & Scholarship - Oleksandra Boiko

Jim Xu
Programming Director

UnERD Programming - Joyce Kexin Qian

Joyce Kexin Qian
Programming Director

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