Glossary of Common Terms

Academic deadline: The last date to drop a course from your academic record and grade point average (GPA).

ACORN: Online student web service through which students sign up for courses, check fees, order transcripts, view grades and more.

CS electives: Complementary Studies (CS) are elective requirements in the Engineering curriculum. CS-eligible courses are broadly defined as studies in humanities, social sciences, arts, management, engineering economics and communication that complements technical curriculum.

Engineering Athletics Association (EAA): The EAA supports intramural sports within U of T Engineering. They have co-ed and non-co-ed leagues.

Engineering Society (EngSoc): Founded in 1885, EngSoc is the main student government in U of T Engineering. They provide academic services (tutors and old exam archives), fund clubs and provide extracurricular opportunities. 

Fee deferral: An arrangement made between a student and the university to pay fees after normal deadlines; dependent upon proof of a student loan or incoming scholarship.

Financial deadline: The last date to cancel your registration in one or more courses and receive money back. Refund schedules are posted on the Student Accounts website.

Frosh: First-year students.

HSS electives: A subset of Complimentary Studies (CS) electives, Humanities and Social Science (HSS) electives are requirements in the Engineering curriculum

Lady Godiva Memorial Bnad (LGMB): The Lady Godiva Memorial Bnad (sic) is a band that plays at (often crashing) events all over campus and participates in some parades in Toronto. Talent is not a requirement to join the band! 

Lecture section: A traditional class in which lectures are given to students.

The Pit: The Sandford Fleming Atrium, known affectionately as “The Pit,” is a popular student hang out to eat, study or participate in events.

Practical/lab section: Hands-on session held in a lab setting.

Skule™: Pronounced “school.” The student-life portion of school.

SUDS: SUDS is the Engineering student pub.

TAs: TAs are Teaching Assistances. TAs are Masters or PhD students who assist your instructor in teaching or assisting with the class. Typically, they teach tutorials and labs.

Tutorial: Smaller sections that allow students to more fully explore and discuss issues raised during previous lectures.

Varsity Blues: The University of Toronto’s intrauniversity teams are called the Varsity Blues. Varsity teams compete against other universities in the Ontario University Athletics (OUA) conference and the Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS) league. Prospective students should contact coaching staff to learn more about teams, changes of making it onto the team and scholarships opportunities.

Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE): A group that promotes STEAM to high school and university students.