Final Mark Re-Check & Final Exam Re-Grade

You may submit a request to have your instructor complete a Final Mark Re-check or Final Exam Re-grade. Requests may be made through the Engineering Portal.

For a Final Mark Re-check, the Instructor ensures no question was overlooked, the addition of marks was correct and all term marks were calculated correctly. On the request form, you must identify the possible errors and/or omissions.

For a Final Exam Re-grade, the Instructor will re-grade the questions indicated on your request form. For each question you would like the Instructor to re-grade, you must indicate how you believe the question was not graded properly. Any re-grading of your paper will be done in a manner consistent with the rest of the class.

A re-check or re-grade may result in a raised mark, lowered mark or no change. For both types of requests, the instructor has the authority to re-grade other questions on the exam if they find it necessary to do so.

Although it is not necessary that you purchase a copy of your exam before requesting a re-check or re-grade, it is essential you view your exam(s) to identify possible errors.

Re-check and Re-grade requests will not be accepted unless specific errors have been identified.


A Final Mark Re-check or Final Exam Re-grade request typically takes 3-6 weeks to process, depending on the availability of the Instructor or Course Coordinator to review the exam. The request may be further delayed if the Instructor or Course Coordinator is away during the next academic session.

When the Re-check or Re-grade is complete, you will receive an email.


  • Final Mark Re-check: $13.00
  • Final Exam Re-grade: $36.00

While the fees are non-refundable, if your final grade is changed because of a Re-check or Re-grade, the fee(s) will be refunded.

A request for a Final Mark Re-check or Final Exam Re-grade will not be processed until the Office of the Registrar receives payment. The Office accepts payment by credit card.

Once the Office of the Registrar receives your request and payment, your original exam paper is forwarded to the Instructor for review.


Deadlines to request final course mark re-check for courses offered by the Faculty:

  • Fall Term (December exams): February 15
  • Winter Term (April-May exams): June 15
  • Summer Session: October 15

To request a final mark re-check or final exam re-grade, visit the Engineering Portal.

Notice for 2022 Fall Term Requests

The deadline to submit a final mark re-check and final exam re-grade has been extended to March 15, 2023.

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