First Year Team

The First Year Office is here to help you make a successful transition to a new and exciting learning environment at the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering. Many general questions can be addressed by emailing our front line team at, and you can also make an appointment with your Academic Advisor through the Advising Portal for detailed information and advice.

Some of the topics we can assist you with are:

  • Questions about your program of study
  • Course load options and upper-year course information
  • Academic success supports
  • Personal matters and referrals to campus resources

U of T Engineering’s Advising Portal allows you to book advising appointments, review upcoming and past appointments and includes all appointment-related notes, referral information and links to University resources.

Learn more about Academic Advising in our Academic Advising Syllabus (PDF)




Shakeeb Ahmed (pronouns: he/him), First Year Advisor, Access & Inclusion (first-year Domestic students in MIE & ECE programs) 416-978-4625




Jennifer Fabro (pronouns: she/her), Associate Director, First Year Advising & Communications (first-year students in Core 8 programs) 416-978-4625

Book an appointment with Jennifer through the Advising Portal.




Leslie Grife (pronouns: she/her), Director, First Year Office & Advisor (first-year students in Core 8 programs)

Book an appointment with Leslie through the Advising Portal.



Photo of Julie Kang



Julie Kang (pronouns: she/her), First Year Advisor, Student Success & Transition (TrackOne students) 416-978-4625

Book an appointment with Julie through the Advising Portal.




Stephen Johns
(pronouns: he/him), Undergraduate Advisor (Domestic Engineering Science Years 1 & 2) (416) 946-7351.

Book an appointment with Stephen through the Advising Portal.




Irma Berardi (pronouns: she/they), Undergraduate Advisor (Engineering Science Years 1 & 2, International)
(416) 978-6162

Book an appointment with Irma through the Advising Portal.



First-Year Academic Leadership


Photo of Prof. Dawn Kilkenny



Dawn Kilkenny (pronouns: she/her), Vice-Dean, First Year & Associate Professor, Teaching Stream






Chirag Variawa (pronouns: he/him), Director, First-year Curriculum & Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream



Looking for mental health resources? Navi is an online chat tool that will help you find the services you're looking for.

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