Late Withdrawal Without Documentation

The Faculty's policy on late withdrawal from a course without documentation applies to students who wish to withdraw from courses after the withdrawal deadline, but prior to the last day of classes.

You may make a request for late withdrawal without documentation through your Academic Advisor. A petition to the Undergraduate Assessment Committee is not required.

If your request is approved, "LWD" will appear on your transcript for all courses dropped using this policy; the course will have no effect on your GPA, sessional average or other elements of your academic record.

Students in Years 2-4

Students are allowed to drop, without penalty, a maximum of two half-credit (0.5 wt) elective courses. This would be the Years 2 to 4 total and does not include courses dropped under this policy in Year 1 or under the modified LWD policy in the 2020-2021 academic year. This applies to technical electives, CS/HSS electives and free electives taken at the University of Toronto.

Students in Year 1 Engineering Science

Students are allowed to drop a maximum of three half-credit courses in:
a) Term 1F as part of a transition to term 1S in a core-8 program or
b) Term 1S as part of a transition to term 2F in a core-8 program

Students in Year 1 Core 8/Track 1

Students are allowed to drop a maximum of two half-credit courses over the combined 1F and 1S terms.

Application Form

Please download, complete and submit the Late Withdrawal form (PDF) to your Academic Advisor.