Late Withdrawal Without Documentation

The Faculty's policy on late withdrawal without supporting documentation applies to students who wish to withdraw from courses after the withdrawal deadline. The deadline to submit a late withdrawal is the last day of classes.

You may request a late withdrawal without documentation through your Academic Advisor. A petition is not required.

If your request is approved, "LWD" will appear on your transcript for all courses dropped using this policy. Courses with an LWD will not affect your GPA, sessional average or other elements of your academic record.

Upper-Year Students (Years 2 - 4)

Students are allowed to drop, without penalty, a maximum of two half-credit (0.5 wt) elective courses. This would be the Years 2 to 4 total and does not include courses dropped under this policy in Year 1 or under the modified LWD policy in the 2020-2021 academic year. This applies to technical electives, CS/HSS electives and free electives taken at the University of Toronto.

First-Year Students (Year 1)

Year 1 Engineering Science

Students are allowed to drop a maximum of three half-credit courses in:

  • Term 1F as part of a transition to term 1S in a core-8 program or
  • Term 1S as part of a transition to term 2F in a core-8 program

Year 1 Core 8 & TrackOne

Students are allowed to drop a maximum of two half-credit courses over the combined 1F and 1S terms.

Application Form

To request an LWD, complete the Request for Late Withdrawal Without Document form (PDF) and submit this to your Academic Advisor.