Confirmation of Registration

The U of T Engineering Registrar's Office and the University assist students in confirming their registration through official transcripts, letters of registration and degree verification.


Verification of Current Enrolment

Verification of Enrolment is a summary of your current undergraduate student status. There is no cost for this service.

The information printed on the verification includes your name, address, current session and year of study, degree program and registration status. A copy of this letter is available to you in PDF format through Self-Service Letters in the Engineering Portal.


RESP Letter of Enrolment

The RESP Letter of Enrolment is available for students who need to provide proof of enrolment for RESP purposes, such as for the release of their RESP funds. There is no cost for this service.

This letter includes confirmation of the student’s enrolment and registration. However, please note this letter does not include the student’s expected graduation date or PEY status. A PDF copy of this letter is available through Self-Services Letters in the Engineering Portal.


Letters of Registration

Letters of Registration confirm a student's registration within the Faculty and University. They also can confirm one or more of the following:

  • Current and/or past registration.
  • Year and program of study.
  • PEY Co-op registration and explanation.
  • PER explanation.
  • Expected graduation date.


$11.25 payable by credit card. Payments must be made through the Engineering Portal when you submit your order.


You may order a Letter of Registration through the Engineering Portal.

Letters take approximately 3-5 days to process and are provided to you in PDF format. During busy periods, the processing time may be longer.


Expected Graduation Date Letter

This letter becomes available after final exams conclude, and is for students who have been conditionally confirmed to graduate at the end of the current term. Once all final grades have been approved and you are confirmed to have met your graduation requirements, this letter will be released to you; as such, timelines on production can vary as the Registrar's Office confirms details. Please note that this letter will state that you have successfully completed your degree requirements, that your degree will be conferred during your graduation ceremony and the date of your convocation. If you are eligible, a copy of this letter will be available in PDF format through Self-Service Letters in the Engineering Portal.


Confirmed Graduation Date Letter

After the convocation ceremony, this letter will become available to all eligible students who were conferred. It will confirm that the student has completed their degree requirements, that their degree has been conferred and the date of their graduation ceremony. If you are eligible, a copy of this letter will be available in PDF format through Self-Service Letters in the Engineering Portal.


Official Transcripts

An official transcript outlines a student's academic record. It contains a summary of academic activities at the University of Toronto, including a listing of all courses and grades received. The official transcript is certified by the University Registrar's Office, bearing the University Registrar’s signature. This is the official version of the electronic transcript students can view in the "Academic History" section of ACORN.

Students can order official transcripts from Transcript Services or through ACORN. For more information about transcript services, including how to order a transcript, delivery times and fees, please visit Transcript Services.


Degree Verification

All third-party requests for verification of a graduate's degree are processed by U of T's Confirmation of Degree website.

U of T graduates who require a letter of degree confirmation should visit the University's Certification of Degree.