Credit/No Credit (CR/NCR) Option & U of T Engineering

U of T Engineering Undergraduates

U of T Engineering students enrolled in engineering courses or courses offered by other faculties are not permitted to select the Credit/No Credit option that may be available to students in other faculties. Instead, U of T Engineering students may choose to designate a course as an extra credit (“EXT”) or submit a request for late withdrawal from the course (“LWD”).

Students from Faculties Outside of U of T Engineering

Students from other U of T faculties taking U of T Engineering courses may not use the CR/NCR option for courses taken within the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering.

2020 Winter Term Exception

For the 2020 Winter Term only, due to the sudden and unexpected onset of remote learning in response to the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • U of T Engineering undergraduates had the option of choosing how their grades were recorded on their transcripts: percentage (%) grades (per normal) or selecting the Credit/No Credit (CR/NCR) option after seeing their final grades. There was no limit on the total number of courses (both core and non-core courses, including courses taken in other faculties) a student could select the Credit/No Credit option for.
  • Students from other faculties whose programs offered the CR/NCR option, and who were enrolled in U of T Engineering courses in 2020 Winter Term, also had the option of selecting the CR/NCR option subject to their own division’s timelines.

The Faculty came to this decision after extensive consultation with chairs and directors, vice-deans undergraduate and first year, and the Undergraduate Assessment Committee, which included representation from the Engineering Society.


If you have concerns about your courses, term work or grades, we encourage you to connect with your Academic Advisor to discuss any issues.