Math Preparation

Updated February 17, 2023

As an engineering student, and in your future career as an engineer, math is essentially a language that you'll need to be fluent in. To help you to get off to a great start, we have a number of resources for math preparation and support.

  • You can opt to participate in some of our summer prep program opportunities, which will offer you the chance to practice your high school fundamentals and contextualize your incoming knowledge for university-level studies. Details on these optional summer offerings will be posted in the Guide to First Year in April 2023.
  • In July, newly-admitted Core 8 and TrackOne students can expect to receive an email with an individual link to online math quizzes on high school topics (algebra, functions, graphing, trigonometry, logarithms & exponentials, and calculus & vector basics). This math self-assessment is designed specifically for U of T Engineering by MathMatize, and your individualized results will help you identify problem areas to review. These quizzes will also be worth 5% in your MAT186H1F: Calculus I course grade.
  • The U of T Department of Mathematics has a great online resource you can use to help you to review your high school fundamentals anytime.
  • If you're confident in your math abilities and wish to take one of your for-credit courses early to reduce your workload during the fall or winter semester, there is also the option to enrol in our APS162H1: Calculus for Engineers I Early Start course in July-August.

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