Math Preparation

Updated July 2023

As an engineering student, and in your future career as an engineer, math is essentially a language that you'll need to be fluent in. To help you to get off to a great start, we have a number of resources for math preparation and support.

  • You can opt to participate in First Year Foundations: Summer Academy Math program, which will offer you the chance to practice your high school fundamentals and contextualize your incoming knowledge for university-level studies.
  • The U of T Department of Mathematics has a great online resource you can use to help you to review your high school fundamentals anytime.
  • If you're confident in your math abilities and wish to take one of your for-credit courses early to reduce your workload during the fall or winter semester, there is also the option to enrol in our APS162H1: Calculus for Engineers I Early Start course in July-August.

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