Taking Extra (EXT) Courses

All courses that are above and beyond a student’s degree requirements must be marked as “Extra.” Extra (EXT) courses cannot be used for degree program credits. Students cannot use Extra course credits to satisfy enrolment threshold requirements for the Dean's Honours List, probation lifting, promotional rules and graduation with honours or high honours.

If a student takes a course that is not listed in the curriculum requirements for their program (“Curriculum and Programs” section of the Academic Calendar), the course will be designated as an extra course. This includes courses that a student has taken for personal interest and/or additional elective courses beyond what is prescribed in the student’s program’s curriculum.

Additionally, if a student transfers from one engineering program to another, the core courses the student took for the original program may not be designated as “Extra.”

With the approval of their Academic Advisor or Chair’s designate for undergraduate studies, a student may elect to take an extra course.

Minors & Certificates

While any course can be used to fulfill two separate program requirements (e.g., undergraduate degree elective and certificate program), a course that is only used to fulfill minor and/or certificate requirements and not any degree program requirements must be designated as “Extra.”

Graduate Studies

If you plan to enrol in a graduate program, you may have the option to request that a 500-level course be counted towards your graduate program requirements. These courses must be marked as “Extra” during your undergraduate studies. In addition to designating the 500-level course as “Extra,” you must obtain a minimum grade for the course to be considered as a transfer credit.

If you plan to take a graduate-level course, you are encouraged to consult your Academic Advisor regarding your program requirements.


Extra courses appear on your academic record (transcript) with a final course mark and the notation "EXT."

Marks for courses marked as extra are not included in the calculation of sessional averages or grade point averages (GPA).


A student must complete no less than a full-time course load (e.g., approx 5.0 credits during the Fall-Winter terms) to be eligible for a scholarship or award that is granted solely on a student's academic standing.

Therefore, if a student's transcript for the two terms in question contains one or more "Extra" courses, the student will only be eligible for consideration for the award if the total weight of the credit courses (CRE) is equal to or greater than 5.0 credits.


The deadline for a student to request that a credit course be designated as an “Extra” course is the course drop deadline for the term or session in question.

The deadline for a student to request that a course designated as “Extra” be changed to a credit course, if applicable, is the deadline to add a course for the term or session in question.

To request that a course be designated as an extra course or changed to a credit course, you must contact your Academic Advisor in advance of the aforementioned deadlines. Sessional dates are posted in the Academic Calendar.

If you have completed a course that is over and above your degree requirements and the course is not marked as “Extra” by the term or session deadline, your department’s undergraduate office will designate your most recently enrolled additional course(s) as “Extra.” This process may take place annually or in the final term before a student’s anticipated graduation, thus it may affect graduation eligibility.

Your department’s undergraduate office will not retroactively designate a course as “Extra” if the change will result in a change to your academic standing. In such a case, you must submit a special consideration petition to the Faculty.


To avoid any last-minute issues that may affect your sessional averages, grade point average (GPA) and graduation eligibility, please consult your Academic Advisor as far in advance as possible if you have questions or concerns regarding extra courses.