Online Courses

The Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering is pleased to offer online versions of several of our required first-year Core 8/TrackOne engineering courses for the 2021 Fall Term.

These online courses are available to currently-registered U of T Engineering students, as well as students from other institutions who wish to register on a non-degree, special student basis.

Online courses offer flexible scheduling, allowing students to view pre-recorded lecture videos at their own pace, and to complete assignments and tests remotely (however, note that final exams for 2021 Fall Term online courses will be held in person during the December 2021 examinations period).

We recommend online courses for students who are skilled at managing their time while working independently and who are comfortable reaching out for assistance if needed.

The deadline to request enrolment in a 2021 Fall Term first-year engineering online course is Friday, September 17, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. EDT.

Online Courses Offered for Fall 2021:

Things to consider about taking an online course:

  • These online courses can provide flexibility in your schedule, as they are typically fully asynchronous. This means you will create your own personal timetable for the course work each week.
  • Online courses require the same number of hours of class time and work per week as an in-person course.
  • Although students entering our program in Fall 2021 have online learning experience at the secondary school level, university-level online learning is likely to vary significantly from courses you may have taken online previously.
  • Students in online courses need to plan to be proactive and to reach out for help from professors, TAs and the First Year Office as needed.
  • If you find that the online course experience is not for you, or you are struggling with the course content, online courses can be dropped by the published deadline to drop courses in the Academic Calendar. For the 2021 Fall Term, this deadline is November 8, 2021. If space is available, you may be able to enrol back into the in-class version of the course if you request to do so before the published deadline to add courses in the Academic Calendar, which for the 2021 Fall Term is September 22, 2021.
  • Online course tuition fees are assessed at the same rates as in-class course tuition fees.* See the Student Accounts website for further information.
  • Students taking first-year online courses in the 2021 Fall Term must be able to complete the final examination for the course during the regularly-scheduled December examination period on the St. George campus in Toronto.

We are happy to help you with any questions that you may have about online courses in the First Year Office. We can be reached by Live Chat, or at 416-978-4625.

The University reserves the right to withdraw courses or sections for which enrolment or resources are insufficient. See detailed policy.

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