Information on Fees

All students at the University of Toronto have a student account. To review your account balance and invoice, log into ACORN and select “Financial Accounts.”

Your student account is managed by Student Accounts, which is also referred to as the Fees Office. Student Accounts is responsible for your tuition and ancillary fees, processing payments, issuing refunds and applying service charges.

Tuition fee invoices are not mailed, so please review your invoice regularly.

Please note that a student with an unpaid balance from a previous academic session is not permitted to register for a new academic session before the outstanding balance is paid. Visit Student Accounts for more information.

Additional information regarding your student fees can be found on the following:

  • Tuition fees and refund schedule: Pay particular attention to the refund schedule if you are a part-time student or are considering withdrawing from a course or the term. Drop dates for refunds are different from academic drop dates. There are no exceptions to the refund schedule.
  • Deferring your fees: If you are receiving OSAP or other government financial assistance.
  • T2202A tax forms: Find out where to get your T2202A tax forms.
  • Monthly service charges: All fees and charges posted to your account are payable. If not paid in full, any outstanding account balance is subject to a monthly service charge.
  • International fee exemptions: International students may be able to apply for international fee exemptions.
  • U of T Indigenous Tuition Initiative: Covers tuition for eligible undergraduate students from the nine identified First Nations communities.

If you’re experiencing difficulties paying your fees, email the Scholarships & Financial Aid Advisor at