Final Exam Viewing

Final Exam Viewings allow engineering students to book in-person timeslots to view their exam and identify errors if they wish to submit a Final Exam Re-Grade or Final Mark Re-Check. Viewings are available for courses with traditionally graded final exams. Students who wish to review an electronically graded final exam must submit a Final Exam Access request.  

Please do not complete the exam viewing form if: 

  • You have requested an exam copy of the same exam.
  • You are waiting for the results of a mark re-check or exam re-grade for the same exam.
  • You wish to view an Arts & Science exam.

Exam Viewing Term & Conditions

Before attending an in-person exam viewing, review these guidelines to prepare:

  • The duration of the viewing is 30 minutes. Make sure to arrive on time, as no additional time will be given for late arrivals.
  • All belongings should be placed at the side of the room or under the table. No items are permitted on the viewing table, including writing implements or phones.
  • Students may only use calculators provided by the Registrar's Office to add totals. A supply of calculators will be available in the viewing room.
  • Students viewing exams may not be accompanied by anyone else and should not talk to other students in the exam viewing room.
  • Students must show their TCard and sign for each exam viewed.
  • Students may not consult books or notes. Students cannot take notes while viewing an exam.
  • If you are found to have any writing implements while viewing an exam or attempt to remove your final exam from the viewing room, it will result in an academic offence and may lead to suspension or expulsion.

How to Request

Exam viewings for traditionally graded exams can be booked through the Engineering Portal. 

NOTE: Do not order an exam copy if you prefer to receive a final exam viewing. If you request both an exam viewing and an exam copy, only the exam copy request will be processed.

Request Timelines

Exam viewings are held in-person on weekdays. Students may select their preferred timeslots on the Engineering Portal to attend the viewing.  

Request Period

Final Exam TermRequest DatesViewing Dates
2023 Fall Term (December Exams) January 19 to 23, 2024 January 25 to February 2, 2024
2024 Winter Term (April to May Exams) May 20 to 23, 2024 May 27 to 31, 2024