Exam Conflicts & Religious Observances

Exam Conflicts

The U of T Engineering exam schedule is comprised of 200 exams and takes Arts & Science exams into consideration. While the Faculty’s primary objective is to create an exam schedule that is conflict-free, some conflicts are unavoidable due to the number of exams that must be scheduled.

If you have a final exam conflict that fits the criteria below, you must report this conflict(s) by March 26, 2024, via the online form.

Please be aware, that no accommodations will be made for personal or travel plans.

Direct Conflict

This conflict occurs when you are scheduled to write two final exams at the same time. Accommodation will be provided to write both exams on the same day with a supervised break.

E.g., CIV201 and CME270 exams are scheduled at 9 a.m. on the same day.

Three Consecutive Exams

This conflict occurs when you are scheduled to write three final exams consecutively in the following three scenarios:

  • Morning, afternoon, evening
  • Afternoon, evening, morning
  • Evening, morning, afternoon

E.g., ECE201 exam at 2 p.m., MAT291 exam at 7 p.m. and ECE212 exam the next day at 9 a.m.

Religious Observances 

Students who cannot write a final exam at their scheduled time because of a religious observance must report this and request accommodation by March 26, 2024, via the online form.

Accommodations due to a religious observance will be scheduled for the next available timeslot. A typical accommodation for someone who is not able to write their exams on a Friday night or on a Saturday due to a religious observance, such as for the Sabbath, is for the student to write their exam on Sunday at a special sitting.