Exam Conflicts & Religious Observances

Exam Conflicts

U of T Engineering’s exam schedule is comprised of 200 exams and takes Arts & Science exams into consideration. The Faculty’s primary objective when scheduling exams is to create a schedule that is conflict-free. However, due to the number of exams that must be scheduled, some students will experience a more compact exam schedule.

An exam conflict occurs when two exams are scheduled at the same time, or when three exams are scheduled consecutively in three scenarios:

  • Morning, afternoon, evening 
  • Afternoon, evening, morning 
  • Evening, morning, afternoon 

If you have a final exam conflict that fits the criteria above, you must report the conflict(s) by March 29, 2022, via the online form. No accommodations will be made for personal or travel plans. 

Religious Observances 

Students who cannot write a final exam at the scheduled time because of a religious observance must report the conflict and request accommodation by March 29, 2022, via the online form. A typical accommodation for someone not being able to write their exams on Friday night or Saturday due to a religious observance is for the student to write their exam on Sunday afternoon at a special sitting. 

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