Accessibility Services

Accessibility Services offers various services, resources and programs to facilitate the inclusion of students with disabilities into all aspects of university life. They assist in navigating disability-related barriers to students' academic success at U of T for ongoing or temporary disabilities. They provide services and support for learning, problem-solving and inclusion.

Services are provided to students with documented disabilities. Disabilities can be physical, sensory, related to learning, or a mental health condition. Students with temporary disabilities (e.g. broken arm) are also eligible for the service. 

Accessibility Services supports students through:

  • Alternative test and examination arrangements. Accessibility Services works with Accommodated Testing Services (ATS) to administer and coordinate accommodated quizzes, term tests and exams for students registered with Accessibility Services.
  • Note-taking services.
  • Sign language interpreters.
  • Adaptive equipment and assistive devices.
  • Alternative format for printed materials.
  • Information and resource materials on health conditions and disability-related issues.
  • Liaison with academic and administrative units within the University and with off-campus agencies.

To receive academic and practicum accommodations, students must register with Accessibility Services.


On-Location Accessibility Advisor

At U of T Engineering, we have an accessibility advisor who is on-location. The role of an accessibility advisor is to work with a student to develop academic accommodations. 

Book an Appointment

To book an appointment with an accessibility advisor, register with Accessibility Services or contact them at or 416-978-8060.

How it Works

Prior to receiving accommodations, the Accessibility Advisor will review your  Intake Package and discuss any barriers or difficulties you have been experiencing in your academic progress to develop effective accommodations.

Where appropriate, students are referred to one of the Service's professionals (e.g. Adaptive Technologist Consultant, Learning Strategistfor further support.

All discussions are kept confidential with Accessibility Services and information is disclosed outside the Service only with the student’s permission. 

For more information about
visit Accessibility Services.  

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