Final Exam Copies

Final Exam Copies are available to students who wish to order PDF photocopies of their Engineering final exams that they wrote in the previous academic term.

Exam copies can be ordered through the Engineering Portal.


Copies are $16.00 per exam and are non-refundable.

Request Timeline

Exam copies are available for request through the Engineering Portal.

A request typically takes 1-2 weeks to process, depending on the availability of the exam paper. The request may be delayed if the Instructor or Course Coordinator has not returned the exam paper to the Office of the Registrar. An exam copy request will not be processed until the Registrar's Office receives payment. The Office accepts payment by credit card.

If you order an exam copy, a PDF version will be sent to your U of T email once this is ready.

Summer 2023 Request Period

The request period for final exam copies from the 2023 Summer Term will open on  August 20, 2023, at 8 a.m. on the Engineering Portal.

The request period will close on October 12, 2023, at 11:59 p.m.


Deadlines to request final exam copies for U of T Engineering courses:

  • Fall Term (December exams): February 11
  • Winter Term (April to May exams): June 11
  • Summer Session: October 12

NOTE: Please do not order an exam copy if you prefer to receive a final exam viewing. If you request both an exam viewing and an exam copy, only the exam copy request will be processed.


Why do I have to pay a fee for a copy of my exam?
At the end of every academic term, the Registrar's Office receives hundreds of requests for exam copies and final mark re-checks. The administrative fee helps the Registrar's Office cover the additional staffing and resources needed to expedite the requests in a timely fashion.

May I obtain the original version of the exam?
To maintain the academic integrity of the University, the Registrar's Office is unable to provide a student with the original copy of their exam. This practice ensures that each exam is kept in its original condition. Students will be provided with a reproduction of their U of T Engineering final exams in the form of a PDF.

I purchased an exam copy, but afterwards, my Professor released the exam to the entire class. Can I get a refund?
Some instructors may release their exam copies to their class if the exam is electronically graded. Please contact the Registrar's Office to receive a refund if the exam was released to the entire class after you purchased an exam copy.