Pre-Registration: Course & Option Selection

Each year, the Office of the Registrar asks students to indicate which program options and technical elective courses they plan to take in the coming year. The request typically goes out in mid-February.

This pre-registration process assists the Faculty in assessing course demand. The information provided is used for course scheduling and allows the Registrar's Office to upload students' courses in ACORN.

When selecting electives, it is the student’s responsibility to ensure they meet the program requirements for their program of study as listed in the Curriculum and Programs section of the Academic Calendar.

Students enrolled in Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) will complete their preregistration through Magellan. For information on completing your Magellan profile, including deadlines for submission, please contact your department office or visit Magellan.

Students not enrolled in ECE must complete their pre-registration by submitting a primary plan through Degree Explorer.

The Six Steps to Complete the Primary Plan:

  1. Login to Degree Explorer using your UTORid.
  2. Create a primary plan. Click "Planner," which is located in the navigation bar at the top of the site. A pop-up will appear, which will ask you to create your primary plan. Ensure the Fall and Winter terms accurately reflect the program you will be enrolled in for the upcoming year. Click "create." If you accidentally click "cancel" you must log out and log back in again. You will be prompted to create your primary plan.
  3. Review program requirements. Scroll down the page until you see the hypothetical terms that have been added to your plan for Fall and Winter terms (refer to diagram). Click the "+" sign to see the individual requirements of these terms. Please take note 0f those listed as incomplete. Refer to the Academic Calendar to identify the courses you would like to take to meet the incomplete requirements.
  4. Select courses. Scroll up the page to the planner where your individual courses are listed. Place your cursor over Fall and click "Add Course." Type the course code and click "Save." Repeat until you have added all of your required courses. Warning: The planner may not restrict you from adding Winter courses in the Fall term and vice versa. Refer to the Academic Calendar to ensure you are adding courses to the correct term. Although you are asked to select your HSS/CS electives, these courses will not be automatically added for you in ACORN. You will still have to pick them in August. The information you submit will be used only for scheduling and course capacity. The same applies to Arts & Science NS Electives.
  5. Reassessment. After you have added all of your required courses click "Reassess." This will reassess the requirements for your hypothetical terms. Review your hypothetical term requirements to ensure they all show as "Complete." If there are incomplete requirements, repeat steps 3-5 until all show as "Complete."
  6. Submission. The submission link is located above the planner and to the right of the red text “This is your Primary Plan.” To finalize your selections, click "Submit." The submission link will only be visible when all the requirements for the hypothetical terms are complete.


If you encounter difficulty using the system or have curriculum questions, please contact your department’s undergraduate office.