Your First Year: Frequently Asked Questions

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Updated May 25, 2017

Q: I’m taking a summer course. Are there academic supports available to me?
A: Yes, there are academic supports available in the summer, including the Academic Success Centre and our Engineering Learning Strategiests. You can also hire a tutor, and take advantage of help from your professor/TA through office hours. Also consider forming study groups with your classmates.

Q: I’m taking a summer course. Does that mean I’m in the TProgram?
A: Not necessarily. You’re only in the TProgram if your fall 2016 average was <60% and you failed one or more courses. You would have had to sign a TProgram contract and meet with your advisor in January about this. TProgram students must earn a summer average of at least 60%. Non-TProgram students do not need to earn a specific summer average.

Q: I’m having trouble balancing my summer course work, and I think I need to drop a course. What should I do?
A: You should visit/contact the First Year Office to talk with your academic advisor about your situation as soon as possible. Students who are in the TProgram are not eligible to drop a course unless they have exceptional circumstances, but they can choose to withdraw from the summer term and defer it to winter 2018. Students who are not in the TProgram may be able to drop their summer course(s), but you need to discuss this with your academic advisor. First-year engineering courses need to be dropped by the First Year Office, so an appointment is required. Electives can be dropped through ACORN.

Q: What is the deadline to drop a summer course?
A: The course drop deadline for the summer F (May-June) session is June 12. The deadline to drop summer S (July-August) courses is July 31. Keep in mind that the Refund Schedule will apply, so you may still be responsible for paying part of the summer fees if you drop a course.

Q: How do I apply for a transfer to a different engineering program?
A: The deadline to submit a transfer request was May 17. If you did not submit a request and wish to be considered, contact your first-year advisor. If you haven’t already, you must meet with your academic advisor to talk about your decision and the requirements and details of transferring. Read more information about transfers.

Q: I’ve submitted a transfer application. When will I receive the decision?
A: Transfer requests will be reviewed and decisions communicated to students in June.

Q: When will I see my final winter marks?
A: Final marks for winter session first-year courses have been posted on ACORN. If you do not yet see all of your 2017 winter grades, please contact the First Year Office or the Registrar’s Office.

Q: When do summer classes start in May?
A: Unless otherwise informed by your instructor through Portal, all meetings (lectures, tutorials and practicals) for first-year engineering courses will start the week of May 8. You can view the timetable for summer courses here and view further details about summer courses in the Summer Enrolment and Registration Guide.

Q: What if I can’t write an exam?
A: Final exams are a very important part of your academic requirements, but the Faculty understands that sometimes unforeseen issues (e.g. serious illness, injury, death in the family, other emergencies) get in the way of you fulfilling your requirements. In this situation, you should submit a Final Exam Petition within seven days of your last exam. Supporting documentation is required and should be submitted to the Registrar’s Office. The Faculty Committee on Examinations will review petitions in early May, and you’ll be alerted by email when your petition decision is ready to view online.

Q: What will happen if I have an average over 60%, but I fail a winter semester course?
A: If you obtain a final mark of less than 50% in one of your courses, you need to retake the course when it is next offered. Usually, this means you will take the course right away in the summer. If this is the case for you, contact the First Year Office to meet with an academic advisor and have the course added to your summer timetable as soon as you have all of your winter grades.

Q: What happens if I’m on probation?
A: If you receive a session average of less than 60% for the winter session, you will be placed on academic probation. There are several different scenarios for students on probation, so your status will depend upon your academic standing at the start of the term, what your winter average is, and whether you have failed any courses (and if so, how many). The full details about probation and the promotion regulations are contained in the Academic Calendar (under “Academic Regulations,” “Promotion Regulations”). If your session average is less than 60%, you should visit the First Year Office to make an appointment with an academic advisor.