Your First Year: Frequently Asked Questions

Updated July 28, 2017

Q: How do I enroll for my courses in first year?
 First-year students do not have to select any courses. You can simply view your timetable on ACORN in late July/early August. Students will be notified when timetables have been completed in the First Year News Feed.

Q: Can I change my course timetable?
 Unfortunately, we are not able to change first-year students’ timetables based on personal preferences, as we must ensure that all newly-admitted students fit into their required class sections.

It’s also our aim to spread out enrolment numbers over all the sections as much as possible. The timetables students receive are the result of this balance, which, unfortunately, does not allow for personal schedule preferences.

However, if you have a conflict of a medical, religious, or other important nature you may contact the First Year Office for accommodation. Requests from students who are commuting long distances will also be considered at the discretion of the First Year Office.

Q: How can I pay my tuition fees?
A: Please visit U of T Student Accounts for detailed information.

In our experience, for students within Canada, the easiest way to pay is through an online bank payment. Your account number with U of T is on your invoice in the Financial Account section of your ACORN account. U of T does not mail invoices.

Deadline to register for the 2017-18 academic year by paying/deferring your tuition fees: August 17, 2017.

Q: My admission offer included notification that I’m getting a scholarship. When will I see this in my ACORN invoice?
A: Your scholarship will be automatically added as a credit to your ACORN invoice during the fall semester. You can simply deduct the amount of your scholarship from your payment amount when making your minimum payment to register.

Q: What kind of computer or laptop should I buy for first year?
Any current computer on the market will provide you with what you need. Students may choose the computer they prefer. It does not need to be loaded with specific software.

You will also have access to the Engineering Computing Facility (ECF) so it is not absolutely necessary that you purchase a computer. As a student, you’ll even be able to remotely access any software you need for classes.

Q: Where can I find help with housing?
A: For information regarding on and off-campus housing, please visit the U of T Housing Services website.

Q: I’m an international student and this will be my first time studying in Canada. How can I prepare for arrival?
 The University of Toronto’s Centre for International Experience (CIE) has compiled a very handy next-steps checklist for pre- and post-arrival.

Q: I’m an international student, where can I find information on study permits or work permits?
 The Centre for International Experience, located at 33 St. George Street, provides services specifically designed for international students. The CIE has also prepared this helpful web page about applying for study permits. If you have additional questions about study permits or other elements of your transition to Canada, you’re also encouraged to contact our International Student Transition Advisor.

Q: Do I have health or dental coverage?
 Yes, included in your tuition fees is health and dental coverage. For domestic students, visit the University of Toronto Student Union (UTSU) website for more details. For international students, visit CIE’s web page on health coverage. Domestic students who have other extended health coverage (i.e. through a parent’s workplace) can opt out of the Health & Dental Plan early in the fall semester.

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