Undergraduate Engineering Certificates

The Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering now offers a wide range of certificates in areas that interest many undergraduate engineering students:


Like Engineering Minors, Engineering Certificates allow students to tailor their undergraduate degrees to meet individual interests.

Once you have completed the requirements for a certificate and it has been approved by the Cross-Disciplinary Programs Office, the certificate will appear on your transcript.


Engineering Certificates are generally open to all current U of T Engineering undergrads. Students in the Mineral Engineering degree program are not eligible for the Mineral Resources Certificate.

General Requirements

A student interested in pursuing an Engineering Certificate must take the prescribed set of three courses outlined for each certificate.

Students must also obtain Department approval for their course selection, and, in selecting elective courses, conform to enrolment requirements set by the Department offering the course.

There is no enrolment process for engineering certificates. Once your certificate requirements have been met, the certificate will appear on your transcript upon graduation.

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