Certificate in Engineering Leadership

Leadership education is about learning how to effectively handle complex, human challenges that often mean the difference between success and failure. Engineers are taught to think analytically and systematically. Leadership skills build on these strengths to make you a more effective engineer. More than just important, they are critical.

This certificate recognizes a demonstrated focus in leadership courses provided by the Institute for Leadership Education in Engineering in the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering.


Students in the Engineering Leadership Certificate must successfully complete a minimum of three courses from the following list:

  • TEP322H1 S: Language & Power (formerly APS322) (HSS)
  • TEP343H1 F/S: Engineering Leadership (formerly APS343) (CS)
  • TEP442H1 S: Cognitive & Psychological Foundations of Effective Leadership (formerly APS442) (CS)
  • TEP444H1 F: Positive Psychology for Engineers (formerly APS444) (HSS)
  • TEP445H1 F/S: The Power of Story: Discovering your Leadership Narrative (formerly APS445) (HSS)
  • TEP447H1: The Art of Ethical and Equitable Decision-Making in Engineering (formerly APS447) (HSS)
  • TEP448H1 S: System Mapping Complex Problems (CS)

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