Certificate in Engineering Business

The undergraduate Engineering Business Certificate is a collaborative effort across the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering and the Rotman School of Management and is open to Engineering students interested in learning more about the business dimension of engineering, from finance and economics to management and leadership.

Courses focus on economics and accounting fundamentals, with a choice between marketing and strategy or management and organizational behaviour.  All undergraduate Engineering students are eligible to participate.


The requirements for an Engineering Business Certificate in the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering are the successful completion of the following courses:

One of the following:

  • Departmental Engineering economics course (CHE 249H1 F, CHE 374H1 F, CME 368H1 F, ECE 472H1 F/S, MIE 258H1 F, MIE 358H1)

Two of the following:

  • JRE 300H1 F/S: Foundations of Accounting &Finance (CS elective)
  • JRE 410H1 F/S: Markets & Competitive Strategy (CS elective)
  • JRE 420H1 F/S: People Management & Organizational Behaviour (HSS elective)
  • CHE 488H1S/CIV488H1S/ECE 488H1F/MIE 488H1F/MSE 488H1S: Entrepreneurship & Business for Engineers (CS elective)

Note: A student may only receive credit on their transcript for one of the following: Engineering Business Certificate, Entrepreneurship Certificate, or Engineering Business Minor.

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