Certificate in Mineral Resources

The Lassonde Institute of Mining is an interdisciplinary research institute within the University of Toronto created to be at the forefront of leading edge research in the whole spectrum of mining activities, ranging from mineral resource identification, through mine planning and excavation, to extraction and processing.

The Lassonde Mineral Engineering Program (LMEP) prepares students for a successful career in the mineral resources industry. Toronto is a global mining cluster with a concentration of financial services and consulting companies servicing the mineral sector. There is a real demand for qualified professionals in all engineering sectors (electrical, mechanical, materials, chemical, civil, environmental, etc.) to be integrated into the mining sectors.

The Mineral Resources Certificate aims to provide students with exposure to the mineral resources sector. It further aims to bring closer together Lassonde Mineral Engineering students with other students and provides a window into state of the art research in mining.


Students will receive the Mineral Resources Certificate upon completion of the following three courses as outlined below.

Note: All three courses are technical courses, not CS or HSS. With the approval of their home departments, students may take these as either a Free Electives or as Technical Electives.

  • MIN225H1 F: Introduction to the Resource Industries
  • MIN250H1 S: Surface Mining (new course to be offered January 2013)
  • MIN351H1 S: Underground Mining (new course to be offered January 2013)

Special Consideration

Some students undertake significant experiences, such as internships, and arguably learn more about mineral resource engineering during those placements than in a typical course. On a case-by-case basis, the LMEP office will permit such placements to replace a course in fulfilling the requirements of the Mineral Resources Certificate. In all cases when such an exception is to be made, a major report documenting the student’s activities, duties, learnings, and reflections during the placement will be required. The final decision for the acceptability of this experience requirement will be made through the LMEP Programs Office.

Students in all disciplines except the Lassonde Mineral Engineering Program are eligible to participate in this Certificate.

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