Certificate in Electric Vehicle Design – AECEREVD

Electrifying the transportation sector is one of the major priorities to reach Net Zero emissions.  The transition to electric vehicles (EVs) in the automotive sector is the largest technology shift in over 100 years.  A new generation of skilled engineers is needed to address the cross-disciplinary challenges in the growing EV sector.

This certificate provides an opportunity for students to learn about EVs within the context of engineering applications and expand their understanding of the technical and environmental implications of engineering in EV design.

All undergraduate engineering students are eligible to participate in this certificate program. Students who complete the requirements of the certificate will receive a notation on their transcript upon graduation.


Students must successfully complete a minimum of three of the following courses:

  1. APS380H1 - Introduction to Electric Vehicle Design
  2. One of the following courses:
    • MIE535H1: Electrification Through Electricity Markets
    • MIE346H1: Analog and Digital Electronics for Mechatronics
    • MIE366H1: Electronics for Robotics
    • ECE314H1: Fundamentals of Electrical Energy Systems
    • ECE349H1: Introduction to Energy Systems
    • CHE469H1: Fuel Cells and Electro-chemical Conversion Devices
    • MSE458H1: Nanotech in Alternate Energy Systems
  3. One of the following courses:
    • MIE363H1: Operations and Supply Chain Management
    • MIE304H1: Introduction to Quality Control
    • MIE404H1: Control Systems I
    • MIE515H1: Alternative Energy Systems
    • MIE443H1: Mechatronics Systems: Design and Integration
    • MIE444H1: Mechatronics Principle
    • ROB521H1: Mobile Robotics and Perception
    • AER525H1: Robotics
    • MIE519H1: Advanced Manufacturing Technologies
    • MSE443H1: Composites Materials Engineering
    • ECE311H1: Introduction to Control Systems
    • ECE342H1: Computer Hardware
    • ECE356H1: Introduction to Control Systems
    • ECE427H1: Photonic Devices
    • ECE463H1: Electric Drives
    • ECE470H1: Robotics
    • ECE520H1: Power Electronics
    • CHE507H1: Data-based Modelling for Prediction and Control
    • Relevant capstone or thesis project (H or Y)