Tips to Reduce Linux Printer Use

Output Check

View your output using ecfprint’s “Print Preview” button before sending it to the printer.

Printer Options

To avoid header page, uncheck “Print Banner Page” box in ecfprint.

To print from an application such as Acrobat Reader or OpenOffice without a header page, you must first “Print to file,” then use ecfprint (with the Print Banner Page box unchecked) to send the file to the printer.

Duplex Printing

Duplex enables printing on both sides of a page, reducing your paper costs.

Use the “duplex” option of ecfprint (or other application) for duplex printing.

Multiple Pages or Sheets

In ecfprint, change the “1-up” setting to place multiple pages per sheet of paper.

Example: printing a 16 page postscript file ecfprint (printer quota used = 16)
Example: printing a 16 page postscript file to DUPLEX printer ecfprint -d (printer quota used = 12)
Example: placing 4 pages per side using DUPLEX printer ecfprint -4 -d (quota used = 3)

To convert a plain text file to postscript use the enscript command. Example: enscript file -o

There are many programs for converting files from pdf to postscript, such as acroread, xpdf, convert, pdf2ps.

convert file.pdf
pdf2ps file.pdf

To view a postscript file use gv

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