Email Aliases

Mass Mailing lists are maintained by ECF. To obtain permission to use these lists, please email As verification of the mass email being sent, the sender will receive one copy of the email for each list in the “To” field.

ECF also maintains a list of email aliases of student numbers, so that email sent to a 10 digit student number@ecf will go to the correct student. Email to obtain access to student number mail aliases.

ECF Department and Year Email Aliases

To contact all students in a given year, email may be sent to where XtY refers to the year of graduation.

For example, in September 2018, the year of graduation date for four-year students is 2019. Emails to fourth-year students should be sent to

Similarly, first-year students who start their studies in 2018 can be contacted using the following email address:

All ChemE undergrads
All CivE undergrads
All CPE undergrads
All ElecE undergrads
All EngSci undergrads
All IndE undergrads
All LME undergrads
All MechE undergrads
All MSE undergrads
All AER PhD students
All IBBME PhD students
All ChemE PhD students
All CivE PhD students
All ECE PhD students
All MIE PhD students
All MSE PhD students
All AER MASc students
All IBBME MASc students
All IBBME MHSc students
All ChemE MASc students
All CivE MASc students
All ECE MASc students
All MIE MASc students
All MSE MASc students
All AER MEng students
All ChemE MEng students
All CivE MEng students
All ECE MEng students
All MIE MEng students
All MSE MEng students
All undergraduate students
All graduate students
All PEY students
All PhD students
All MASc students
All MEng students
Department/Year Lists
Course lists send mail to all students enrolled in the course. (i.e., “f” for first or fall term courses, “s” for second or spring term courses, or “y” for year-long courses)