ECF Linux & Windows

ECF Linux

The 185 Linux workstations are called p1.ecf -> p185.ecf. They are used for general-purpose computing. The operating system is AlmaLinux 8.

  • 8 workstations in SF 1106 (AlmaLinux 8, Dell Optiplex 9020)
  • 60 workstations in SF 1012 (AlmaLinux 8, Dell Optiplex 9020)
  • 117 workstations in SF 1013 (AlmaLinux 8, Dell Optiplex 9020)

These systems are also accessible remotely over the Internet.

The machine called remote.ecf (running AlmaLinux 8) handles ssh connections to This machine’s primary purpose is for remote access for lightweight jobs such as mail reading.

ECF Windows

The 183 Windows 10 workstations are used for general-purpose computing. These computing facilities are provided to all students for academic use, and, as such students are advised to refrain from using the lab computers for sharing files (ex. peer-to-peer networks).

These systems are installed in the following four labs:

  • 63 workstations in GB 144 (Windows 10 Enterprise, Dell Optiplex 7060)
  • 58 workstations in GB 150 (Windows 10 Enterprise, Dell Optiplex 7060)
  • 50 workstations in WB 255 (Windows 10 Enterprise, Dell Optiplex 7060)
  • 12 workstations in SF 1106 (Windows 10 Enterprise, Dell Optiplex 7060)

The computers in the departmental labs are also connected to the ECF Windows network and servers and many have identical image to the ECF Windows computer labs mentioned above. Please check with your department for locations and usage restrictions. Many of these labs are only accessible to students in the specific department.

In addition to the labs mentioned above, students can remotely get access to their home folder through the Remote ECF Windows Workstations.