Daily Backups

Daily backups of Linux home directories are available to all accounts. You can access them by double-clicking the “ECF_BACKUP_DIRS” icon on your Linux desktop.

You can also access the backups from a terminal window. For example, if you would like to retrieve a file from November 7, 2016:

 % cd ~/ECF_BACKUP_DIRS        #  (~ is a shortcut to your home directory.)  
 % ls 
 20161101-Nov-01-2016  20161105-Nov-05-2016  20161109-Nov-09-2016 
 20161102-Nov-02-2016  20161106-Nov-06-2016  20161110-Nov-10-2016 
 20161103-Nov-03-2016  20161107-Nov-07-2016 
 20161104-Nov-04-2016  20161108-Nov-08-2016

Select the date you are interested in:

 % cd 20161107-Nov-07-2016

Search the directory structure and copy the files you want back to your home directory:

 % cp assignment1.c ~/assignment1.c