Blues Engineering Resources

Varsity Resources

First-Year Survival Guide

A quick guide (PDF) on who Blues Engineering is and how to reach us.


From your newest Assistant Coach, all the way up to the Director of High-Performance Sport, Varsity Blues staff have your back. The University of Toronto fosters the complete personal development of its athletes, and the people running the program play an integral part. Varsity staff also have the inside scoop on all things, you guessed it, Varsity.

Athlete’s Only Section of the Varsity Blues Website

When in doubt, check out the Varsity Blues website. From petitioning an exam or taking the CCES webinar to review the Student Athlete Handbook or simply checking out the deals your Loyalty Card gets you, you’re encouraged to bookmark the Athlete’s Only section of the website. Have a question that’s not answered on the website? Use the discussion forum to reach out to your peers.

The David L. MacIntosh Sport Medicine Clinic

The David L. MacIntosh Sport Medicine Clinic is here to save you from yourself. While anyone with a sport- or exercise-related injury (i.e. broken ankle, pulled hamstring, concussion, etc.), has access to the Clinic, a large number of their appointments are reserved for U of T Varsity athletes. They help you get back on the field, rink or track faster. Be nice to the clinic staff: Varsity probably could not exist without them.

The Athlete Student Assistance Program (ASAP)

The Athlete Student Assistance Program (ASAP) is available to all current Varsity Blues student-athletes. Besides providing students with a great environment to study, ASAP is staffed by people who can help you get your academics sorted. They understand the unique pressures student-athletes face. Subject-specific tutors are also available. Check in with your coach (or with us!) for the most current schedules. Bring your teammates!


Faculty Resources

Academic Advisors

These guys are great. Really. Drop by your Advisor’s office and introduce yourself. If anybody can help you resolve those funky academic-athletic issues (e.g. conflicts between tutorials and practice, part-time status questions, concussion problems, etc.), it’s your Advisor.

Instructors and TAs

They’re on your side! Many will understand your request to miss a class due to training or competition demands. Talk to them in advance. Do not hesitate to get in touch with your instructors and/or TAs by email or during their office hours for extra help. Additionally, it’s great for them to be able to put a face to a name.


Getting a tutor — even for a session or two — can come in handy when things get hectic. The Engineering Society has a database of available tutors you can consult. It’s an excellent place to get some help for whatever is slowing you down in your classes.

First Year Office

No matter what is going on, the First Year Office (a.k.a. First Year Central) has seen it all before. Whether you have a question or concern or are just checking in, the staff in the First Year is there to support you. Meet the FYO team!

Academic Conflicts

If you have an athletic-academic conflict (e.g. game, tournament, etc.), submit a petition:

  1. Fill out the Varsity Blues academic conflict form. You will receive an email from the Athletic Department that lets you know where you can pick up your academic conflict letter.
  2. Log in to the Engineering Portal and submit a petition. In the online petition form, you will need to upload your academic conflict letter.
  3. After your petition has been reviewed, you will receive an email that notifies you to check the Engineering Portal for the status of your petition.

Embedded Counselling

Varsity student-athletes can take advantage of the services of University experts who provide specialized advising in the areas of international student transition, health and wellness, learning skills strategies and more. The Session can be booked through an Academic Advisor in the First Year Office.


Other Resources

U of T Health and Wellness

Open to all University of Toronto students, U of T Health and Wellness Centre is mind-body central. The Centre offers a wide range of resources from general health and mental health to flu clinics and food and nutrition advice.

Concussion Clinic

Got bonked in the noggin? Know someone who did? Send them to the Concussion Clinic, which is run through the David L. MacIntosh Clinic. The staff will help you get back to normal at a pace that’s right for you.

If you have a concussion, we strongly recommend you connect with the Concussion Clinic and your Academic Advisor. Sorting out school stuff is much easier with someone on the inside.

Student-to-student support is also available. You are not alone in this! Send us an email and we can find you a fellow student-athlete to rant to or laugh/cry with. Concussions are rough no matter who you are, but getting concussed while balancing Varsity and Engineering studies can be brutal, but you are not alone in this.

Telehealth Ontario

Not sure if you need to follow up with a doctor? Get fast, free, confidential medical advice through Telehealth Ontario at 1-866-797-0000.

Besides having an easy-to-remember URL, is a true bounty of healthcare services. Type in your location and need (e.g. doctor, prescription, emergency room, imaging) and health providers will pop up. This is a great resource for when you have a mishap on a road trip in Canada.


Good2Talk is a 24/7/365 free, anonymous counselling line for Ontario post-secondary students. This is an awesome resource for in-the-moment help. 1-866-925-5454.