Tips for Varsity Athletes

• Sleep.

• Seek help. Sooner or later, everyone needs it. Everyone. Check out our Resources page for more info!

• Introduce yourself to your Academic Advisor. Whether it is organizing your course schedule for the next four or five years, learning how to cope when Nationals fall during exams or simply to get some candy (often on their desks), your Advisor is a great person to check in with. They’re friendly, too!

• Get your study game right from the start of the academic year — don’t let road trips and midterms surprise you.

• Find your road trip groove. Some people like to study on the bus, while others prefer to study at the hotel or not at all until they return to school. Try out a couple of styles to see what works for you. Getting up early, finding a quiet hotel conference room or tackling tough work before you leave are all good options to try. Bonus points for finding equally studious teammates.

• Let it go. You’re awesome, but you’re not a superhero. Some things have to slide. Consider that solving the bonus question in lieu of taking your ritual pre-game nap might be one of them.

• Adapt!

• Be sure to self-identify as a Varsity athlete in your ePortfolio. We’re not guaranteeing you a scholarship, but your athletic commitments are self-improvement activities and leadership builders. Bet you’re pretty good at group projects, too.

• Check out the Skule’s exam repository to access old exams.

• Take it easy. Going 100% 24/7 is not sustainable. Build in some fun time to laugh, take a breather and relax with friends and family.

• Help others. Besides filling your daily quota for good deeds, connecting with others can be beneficial for everyone involved. Have you made a mistake? Help someone avoid making the same mistake! Rocking everything else? Beauty! Somewhere in between? Yeah, us too.

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