Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I check my print quota?
You may check your print quota at any time during the term as follows:

  • If you are in a Unix lab, type the command “pq” at the prompt
  • If you are in a Windows lab, follow the following procedure: Select the start menu and double click “print queue viewer” 

How do I print a PDF file from a Linux workstation?
You should print PDF files from an application like Acrobat Reader (“acroread”). After opening the file, click File -> Print and a dialogue will pop up that allows you to select a printer.

Where do I go to get a wireless connection?
ECF does not provide wireless service. If you are interested in connecting to the campus network using wireless please go to for further information.

How do I log out of my Linux session?
Select “Log Out” from the System menu on the task bar, then click the OK button.

How do I activate my ECF Account?
You can activate your ECF account by first agreeing to the terms and conditions of use and setting an initial password. To start the process, click here. You will need to know your UTORid or JOINid and password.

How do I check the print queue?
To check the print queue on the Unix systems, select “Printer Jobs” from the Applications menu. Alternatively, use the “lpq” command followed by “-P” and the name of the printer (ex., “lpq -Psf1013a” checks the print queue for the “A” printer in SF1013).To remove a job from the queue use the “lprm” command as follows: lprm -Psf1013a job#. This will remove the job# from the SF1013a printer queue. To obtain the job # use the “lpq” command or the Printer Jobs application.To remove all your jobs from a queue replace the job# with your login name as follows: lprm -Psf1013a loginname. To check the print queue and/or remove jobs on the Windows systems follow the following procedure: There is an icon in the start menu; double click “Print Queue Viewer.” I forgot my password.
If you are a student in U of T Engineering and you have a UTORid, you can use that to reset your ECF account password online. If you are not an Engineering student, or do not have a UTORid, visit the Student Access Area of the ECF office located in the Engineering Annex, 2nd Floor, Room 212. There is a kiosk where you can reset your password.
I exceeded my print quota? What happens now?
If you exceed your print quota during the term there is no need to worry. Exceeding your print quota will not prevent you from printing. You will be sent an e-mail when this happens to alert you to the fact. Your print quota is set based on your course load for the current term.