Research Opportunities & Skills Development 

There are multiple ways for U of T engineering students to gain research experience during their undergraduate studies. Below are tips for finding various research opportunities, as well as programs to enhance your research skills. 

Summer Research: Finding a Research Supervisor 

Many professors hire undergraduate students in their labs over the summer months. This is a great opportunity to gain practical experience by working closely with a professor or graduate students on a research project. You will also gain insight into the day-to-day work of researchers in a mentored environment. 

General tips on finding a summer research supervisor: 

  • Make a list of professors who are leading research projects that interest you.
    • You can do so by visiting the department websites and looking up faculty profiles to find professors and read more about the projects they are working on. 
    • You can also use U of T’s DiscoverResearch tool to search for professors who are doing research in fields and topics that interest you.
  • Be open to searching for professors and research projects outside of your program of study, or even in other U of T departments outside of Engineering! 
  • Reach out once you have a list of professors whose research areas interest you. Compose a brief, tailored message and contact the professor or research team to express your interest and inquire if they are hiring undergraduate students for summer research. 
  • Explore postings that are part of the Work-Study program Research Stream. Some research jobs may also be posted on the Engineering Career Centre’s Career Portal. Review individual postings to determine whether this opportunity aligns with your interests and learn about the application instructions.

Research Programs 

There are various structured opportunities and programs at U of T with a focus on research. Consider applying to these opportunities:

Research Skills Development 

Undergraduate students conducting summer research at U of T Engineering are encouraged to participate in the following initiatives to enhance their research skills and summer experience:

  • Undergraduate Summer Research Program (USRP): This is an opportunity for students engaging in summer research to meet weekly, learn success skills from experts to enhance their research experience and form a community of student researchers.  
  • Undergraduate Engineering Research Day (UnERD): This annual conference is where undergraduate engineering students gather to present their research to the Engineering community, including fellow students, faculty, staff, and industry professionals.