Engineering Minors FAQs

How do I know if I’m eligible to take an Engineering Minor?

Engineering Minors are open to most U of T Engineering undergrads. At present, the only exceptions are as follows:

  • Engineering Science students in the Biomedical Engineering Option are not eligible for the Bioengineering Minor or Biomedical Engineering Minor
  • Engineering Science students in the Energy Systems Option are not eligible for the Sustainable Energy Minor
  • Engineering Science students in the Mathematics, Statistics & Finance Option are not eligible for the Engineering Business Minor
  • Engineering Science students in the Nanoengineering Option are not eligible for the Nanoengineering Minor
  • Engineering Science students in the Robotics Option are not eligible for the Robotics and Mechatronics Minor

When should I apply for an engineering Minor?

A student may enrol in an Engineering Minor at any time during their program. Minors can be completed using electives in second, third and fourth year. Students should consider their minors while selecting courses.

As a U of T Engineering student, are there other minors I can take outside of the Faculty?

Yes — Engineering students can take Arts & Science Minors. Please review the Arts and Science Minors section of the Registrar’s Office website.  If you would like further information, please schedule an appointment through

I’m still in high school, but am really interested in cross-disciplinary programs in Engineering. How do I apply?

Thank you for your interest in cross-disciplinary programs. To be able to enrol in a U of T Engineering Minor or Certificate, you must be enrolled in an undergraduate program in the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering. For more information about applying for undergraduate admission, visit Discover Engineering.

I’m a graduate student. May I pursue an Engineering Minor?

Minors are only offered at the undergraduate level.

What is the difference between the Bioengineering Minor and the Bioengineering Stream?

The Bioengineering Stream is only available to students in the Mechanical Engineering program. Where the minor requires six courses, the stream requires two.

Completion of a minor will be reflected on a transcript. Completion of a stream will not.

For more information about the Bioengineering Stream, visit Mechanical and Industrial Engineering.  Courses taken for the Bioengineering Stream may be used towards the Bioengineering Minor as well.

Where do I obtain the thesis/design project approval form?

The form is available online. However, before you submit the form to the Cross-Disciplinary Programs Office, ensure not only that you have signed the form, but that you have obtained the approval/signature from your supervisor. Upon completion, return the form to the Cross-Disciplinary Programs Office for review by the Director of the applicable minor.

What is the deadline for submitting the Thesis/Design Project Approval Form?

If your course is a full year or first-term course, we recommend you submit the form to us by the end of September. If your course is in the Winter Term, please submit the form to us by the end of January.

I have taken BME205H1 S in Engineering Science. Can this course be substituted for CHE353H1F?

BME205 and CHE353 are essentially the same course; as such, the substitution is fine.

Can I pursue both an Engineering Minor and an Engineering Certificate?

Absolutely, however, please note that any given course can only count towards two programs. If you are counting it towards your degree requirements, you may also count it towards a minor or a certificate, if applicable, but not both. If the course is designated as “Extra” on your transcript (i.e., not towards your degree), you may count it towards both a minor and a certificate or two minors.

What is the difference between an Engineering Minor and Certificate?

Generally, minors require you take a minimum of six half-courses while Certificates have three half-courses. Effective September 2012, both minors and certificates will appear on student transcripts upon graduation.

I’m an Arts & Science student. Can I take U of T Engineering courses?

It is possible for Arts and Science students to take approved Bioengineering courses from the Faculty of Arts and Science. However, students must meet prerequisites of their home department/program and also those of the course. The course must fit into their schedule. No exceptions will be made.