Programmatic Offerings

There are multiple events and programs offered throughout the year that can help enhance your learning skills! Check out the programs offered for U of T Engineering undergraduate students below.

Pop-Up Learning Events

The engSuccess Mentors lead Pop-Up Learning Events every few weeks in the Engineering buildings. These interactive events are themed around a specific skill or topic. They offer quick tools, tips and resources for Engineering students to enhance their study skills and undergraduate experience. These events typically take place during lunch hours and do not require registration.  

Past events have covered time management, procrastination, motivation, and exam prep. Check out the pop-ups and workshops scheduled for the term below.

2023-2024 Event Dates

Winter Term
Fall Term

Learning Strategies Workshops

U of T Engineering student leaders, staff, and faculty may request an existing or tailored workshop by completing the Learning Strategies Workshop Request Form. Please submit your request in advance so that we are better positioned to meet your needs! At a minimum, please submit the request 3 weeks in advance. 

engSuccess Classroom Ambassadors

Engineering faculty and instructors can request engSuccess Classroom Ambassadors to drop by their course and provide students with quick tips on study skills, including exam preparation, effective note-taking, staying on top of assignments and time management. These classroom visits are between 5 to 10 minutes and come with pre-prepared slides and tipsheets to support students’ academic skill development.