Academic Advising

Your Academic Advisor is your first stop for information and advice regarding:

  • Your program of study
  • Course selection, including HSS, CS and Free Electives
  • Academics
  • Career
  • Personal matters
  • 600-hour Professional Experience Requirement (PER)
  • Graduation

Chemical Engineering (Years 2-4)

Vanessa Andres, Academic Advisor
(416) 978-5336
WB216 (Room 216, Wallberg Building)

Computer and Electrical Engineering (Years 2-4)

For general inquiries:

Leanne Dawkins, Academic Advisor
(416) 978-8570
SF-B600 (Room B600, Sandford Fleming Building)

Civil and Mineral Engineering (Years 2-4)

Shayni Curtis-Clarke, Student Records and Services Coordinator
(416) 978-5905
GB105 (Room 105, Galbraith Building)

Engineering Science

For general inquiries:

Sherry Lin, Admissions Officer & Undergraduate Counsellor,
Years 1 & 2
(416) 946-7351
BA2110 (Room 2110, Bahen Centre for Information Technology)

Brendan Heath, Academic Advisor, Years 3 & 4
(416) 946-7352
BA2110 (Room 2110, Bahen Centre for Information Technology)

Industrial and Mechanical Engineering

Carla Baptista, Academic Advisor
(416) 978-6420
MC 109 (Room 109, Mechanical Engineering Building)

Materials Engineering

Sabrin Mohamed, Academic Advisor
(416) 978-7308
WB140 (Wallberg Building)

Chemical, Computer, Civil, Electrical, Industrial, Materials, Mechanical, Mineral, TrackOne Engineering (Year 1)

For general inquiries:
(416) 978-4625
GB170 (Room 170, Galbraith Building)

Leslie Grife, Assistant Director, First Year Academic Services
GB170 (Room 170, Galbraith Building)

Jennifer Fabro, First Year Advisor
(First-year Core 8 programs)
GB170 (Room 170, Galbraith Building)

Other Faculty advisors:

Cross-Disciplinary Office (Engineering Minors & Certificates)

Sharon Brown, Academic Advisor
44 St. George Street

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Pierina Filippone, Assistant Registrar, Scholarships & Financial Aid
GB 157