Minors & Certificates

Engineering Minors & Certificates

To complement their academic programs, U of T Engineering undergraduates may pursue minors and certificates.

The Faculty's Cross-Disciplinary Programs Office provides academic and administrative leadership to enhance cross-disciplinary educational services for U of T Engineering students.

To enrol in an engineering minor program, please submit completed enrolment forms to engineering.minors@utoronto.ca.

Engineering students also have the option to pursue minors offered by the Faculty of Arts & Science.

To request that your thesis or design project count towards an engineering minor, complete the 2023-2024 Minor Thesis Approval Form (PDF).

FAQs on Undergraduate Engineering Minors and Certificates.

Contact Information

For answers to your questions about our minor and certificate programs, please email engineering.minors@utoronto.ca.

Cross-Disciplinary Programs Office

Professor Dionne Aleman, PhD, PEng (MIE)
Associate Dean, Cross-Disciplinary Programs

Sharon Brown, Associate Director

Donna Lee, Program Assistant

Arts & Science Minors

As an engineering student, you are permitted to take a minor program in the Faculty of Arts & Science. Such minors are called "self-initiated minors" because you are responsible for ensuring all requirements are met. The Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering has no involvement with the coordination of minor programs in the Faculty of Arts & Science.

Information on Arts & Science minors is available in the A&S Academic Calendar.

Things to Consider Before Choosing an Arts & Science (A&S) Minor

As an Engineering student, you have the choice to pursue any one of a number of minors. However, some minors are difficult, if not virtually impossible, to pursue.

Many Arts & Science courses have enrolment restrictions that give priority to A&S students in a specific discipline or year of study. Please review the Engineering Guide to Arts & Science Courses and the Arts & Science Registration Handbook for more information on enrolment restrictions.

Only 1.0 full course equivalents from your core or technical electives required for the completion of the BASc Degree can be used to meet the requirements of a self-initiated minor.

Declaring an Arts & Science Minor

When you have or about to complete your minor, you must declare it to the Cross-Disciplinary Programs Office by March 1 of your graduating year.

To declare your minor, email engineering.minors@utoronto.ca with the following information:

  • Full name
  • Student number
  • Email address
  • Program of study
  • A&S Minor Name (e.g. Minor in Economics)
  • List all courses you have completed or are currently enrolled in that can be counted toward the minor

The Cross-Disciplinary Programs Office may request additional documentation to prove you completed the requirements of your minor.