Undergraduate Engineering Minors

In addition to their primary program, an engineering student has the opportunity to study one of 10 engineering minors, which include some of the most interesting areas in the profession today:


Aside from permitting a student to customize their engineering degree to suit their specific interests, pursuing an Engineering Minor yields several benefits. Engineering minors allows a student to gain interdisciplinary experience and exposure to concepts and perspectives that may not be a part of their degree programs-thus widening their understanding of the engineering profession and the issues that impact engineers.

Upon completion of an engineering minor, a student will be better equipped to perform interdisciplinary research. Generally, engineering minors can be completed within the time frame to complete a regular degree. However, extra courses may be required depending on the student’s program. Enrolment in and completion of a minor is noted on a student’s transcript.


Generally, engineering minors are open to all current U of  T Engineering undergrads. Some exceptions apply to Engineering Science students.

In general, students wishing to pursue engineering minors must take a minimum of six half-courses.

Completion of an engineering minor is subject to the following constraints:

  • A student must ensure they meet the requirements of their chosen engineering degree program or option.
  • Of the six half-year courses required for the minor, one half-year course may also be a core course in a student’s program or option, if applicable.
  • In some cases, a thesis or capstone design course may count in place of up to two half-year advanced level courses towards elective courses in the minor if the project is strongly related to the subject area of the minor. This requires approval of the Director of the Minor.
  • Availability of the courses to complete an Engineering Minor, including the foundational courses, for timetabling purposes is not guaranteed. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure timetable compatibility.
  • Students must secure approval from their home departments before selecting any elective outside their departments.