U of T Engineering Campus Experience Officer (engCEO)

U of T Engineering Campus Experience Officer engCEOU of T Engineering Campus Experience Officer: Building community through peer-to-peer mentorship, conversation and support. 

Have a question about the Faculty or just want to meet someone new? Connect with a U of T Engineering Campus Experience Officer (engCEO)!

They can support you by listening, answering questions and providing information about Faculty resources. Connect with an engCEO by email to learn about their experiences on a variety of topics: keeping up with course work, finding a job, making friends and more.

Each U of T Engineering Campus Experience Officer comes from a different background and different experiences. They look forward to connecting with their U of T Engineering peers.

Connect with an engCEO

You can message them at campus.experience@engineering.utoronto.ca. Remember to put the name of the U of T Engineering Campus Experience Officer you’d like to connect with in the subject line.

engCEO Bios

Adil Ahmed engCEO


Adil Ahmed (Year 4 CivE)

I’m excited to be among the first engCEOs on campus!

As a student who has benefited from formal and informal mentoring throughout my education, I’m looking forward to giving back.

Hobbies: I love watching and — until I tore my ACL — playing sports. I also like to watch documentaries and play video games.



Aleema Malik U of T Engineering Campus Experience Officer (engCEO)Aleema Malik (Year 3 CompE)

Hey, hey! I look forward to having the chance to work together with students and faculty to cultivate a better experience for all. While things may look great now, I’ve had my fair share of struggles throughout my undergrad. I was the first engineering student in my family, debated disciplines and felt imposter syndrome. However, whether I wanted to or not, I’ve learned a lot during these past two years. I’ve discovered techniques to overcome difficulties and know where to get help. My goal is to help build a stronger system of supports and be one of your go-to resources in times of need. We have a great group of people and I’m confident that you’ll find our team helpful no matter what year you’re in!

Hobbies: Baking and self-development.


Joyce Deng engCEOJoyce Deng (Year 4 EngSci)

I’m excited to be part of the U of T Engineering Campus Experience Officer team this year! I’ve also been part of Nsight and the HealthyU Crew’s mental health team. While I’ve had my struggles throughout my undergrad, it’s all thanks to the tightly-knit U of T Engineering community that I’ve been able to overcome my problems. I know everyone’s experience at U of T is different. Hopefully, you can find comfort in any shared experiences you have with members of the engCEO team. With our support, I hope your year — whether it’s your first, last, or somewhere in between — is a great one!

Hobbies: I love music and you can usually find me listening to music on my phone or playing the piano. I also enjoy watching figure skating and listening to athletes’ inspirational stories to get me going when I’m struggling.


Scott Oxholm U of T Engineering Campus Experience Officer (engCEO)

Scott Oxholm (Year 2 IndE) 

To allow you to get to know me a little better, I’ll share the top three values that I live by. Love: In any given situation, I ask myself what a loving response would be, whether it’s to myself or to someone else. Humour: Humour is a fantastic tool for building relationships and generally enjoying life more! Openness: I place great importance on never stopping my pursuit of knowledge. It’s my belief that most conflicts in the world stem from a refusal to listen and learn. I hope that with us here to support you, this year will be a truly awesome experience.

Hobbies: I have a passion for the arts (jazz bands, musicals, dancing, art galleries). I love improving my mental health (reading, watching documentaries and films) and physical health (yoga, rock climbing, weight training).


Youssef Elderiny engCEO

Youssef Elderiny (Year 2 CompE) 

In my lifetime I’ve had the privilege of working with influential speakers, CEOs, and highly successful entrepreneurs. I owe them credit for my transformation from a quiet and reserved boy with no voice to a confident and eager communicator. They shaped my mindset from a profession-seeking academic to a tech-savvy entrepreneur in the making.

I’ve spent time developing myself to be an aspiring public speaker, interpersonal coach, a practitioner of martial arts and avid communicator. I’m thrilled to be a part of the engCEO team so that I can impart my knowledge to others in the hopes of giving back to the community that helped support me.

Hobbies: Public speaking and I regularly practice Jiu-Jitsu.


Jackie Cheng U of T Engineering Campus Experience Officer (engCEO)Jackie Cheng (Year 3 MSE)

My motto for life has always been “A rainbow only appears after a storm.” Looking back, my first year at U of T was a “storm.” I faced countless challenges, but with the help of my friends and amazing U of T staff, I was able to overcome those challenges. As a U of T Engineering Campus Experience Officer, I hope to share my experiences and help you overcome challenges. That way, we can all work towards our own rainbows.

Hobbies: I love playing most sports, but so far hockey is my favourite. However, I also enjoy cooking as well as trying out new recipes from different cultures.


Elif Celik U of T Engineering Campus Experience Officer (engCEO)Elif Celik (Year 2 EngSci) 

Just like many others, I faced various challenges in my first year of university. I was able to overcome them with help from my friends and university staff who have been similar situations. Looking back at those experiences, I see how much my personality has changed and how I became the person I am today. My goal as an engCEO is to become like the people who guided me in first year and support other students to the best of my abilities. I believe that asking for help when you need it is necessary. I hope to provide that help to as many students as I can.

Hobbies: Reading, especially self-development and classic books. Reading is a relaxing activity and it always puts me in a better mood. I also love to travel — seeing new places, meeting new people, trying out new things and exploring different cultures.


Silvia Lopez Huera engCEOSilvia Lopez Huera (Year 3 MechE)

I can’t wait to start running our events and helping students realize their potential as well as their impact on the engineering community. I know that being surrounded by friends and good people, as well as being aware of all of the resources that are available to us, can make a difference in how we see and feel things. It’s my goal to motivate people to keep going and try to get them one step closer to their goals. If we remind ourselves why we wanted to be here and what it means for us to be engineering students, we can overcome anything.

Hobbies: I love to draw, Latin dancing, running and reading.


Neetha Parameswaran U of T Engineering Campus Experience Officer (engCEO)Neetha Parameswaran (Year 4 MSE)

One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned throughout my undergrad is the importance of self-care and asking for help. My goal this year is to help other students realize their potential. If you need advice about different engineering disciplines, mental health resources or simply need someone to talk to, connect with me!

Hobbies: My absolute favourite thing to do is hide out in a corner and write and I love old school hip hop and R&B. I could walk around and listen to music for hours if my schedule allowed me to.


Ruknoon Dinder engCEORuknoon (RK) Dinder (Year 3 ChemE)

I’ve always had a strong interest in engineering education, and, having previously worked in instructional positions, I understand how important it is for students to have someone to consult one-on-one, instead of in a class with hundreds of other people. I’m excited to use my experience and knowledge to guide my peers through the challenges they face while trying my best to prevent them from going through the struggles I’ve faced throughout the years. U of T Engineering is a very welcoming place, full of kind and supportive people, and if I can make another person feel at home here, I will consider that a success.

Hobbies: I love rock and metal music. It helped me get through a lot of difficult times and I go to multiple concerts every year. I also sleep better when I put on the music from my favourite bands in the background. Staying in touch with global issues is important to me. I and can probably hold a conversation on any topic (sports, politics, science, literature, history, films). Having discussions improves my understanding of the world and helps me to see it through the perspectives of others.


Rumla Omer U of T Engineering Campus Experience Officer (engCEO)Rumla Omer (Year 2 CivE) 

Hello, hello! I started my U of T Engineering journey as an ECE student who commuted to school. While the commuting aspect has not changed (I still have to suffer through rush hour), it was midway through my second year that I realized ECE wasn’t the program for me and I switched disciplines. Despite a lot of doubts and fear, it’s a decision I’m very satisfied with! Looking back, I realize how much I could’ve benefited from peer mentoring and I’m excited to use this opportunity to help my fellow peers in any way that I can!

Hobbies: I like reading. A lot. A goal of mine is to own enough books to have a personal library. While I’m a scaredy-cat regarding most things, I really enjoy watching horror movies.


Stephen Joly EngCEOStephen Joly (Year 4 ChemE) 

I will be the lead U of T Engineering Campus Experience Officer this year, and I’m excited to lead this amazing team of awesome people because I believe that the value of peer-to-peer mentorship in a world like ours is priceless. As engineering students, we are navigating a unique experience that is different for all of us, but carries similar struggles and challenges. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that others face similar problems, but there is immense comfort in being learning you’re not alone. I have struggled with mental health in the past few years, but persistence is what kept me going and is what I attribute my success to.

Hobbies: I love to run! In third year, I ran my first marathon and finished sixth in my category. Techno music is what keeps me going when I need extra energy or to let off some steam.