Global Leadership Minor

The U of T Engineering Minor in Global Leadership is part of U of T’s first tri-campus, interdivisional, multidisciplinary undergraduate program. The Minor is distinguished by its critical and multidisciplinary focus on leadership in a global context. This is combined with an emphasis on developing knowledge of global issues within an engineering framework and how engineers can influence and improve conditions around the world.

All U of T Engineering undergraduate students are eligible to participate in this minor course of study, however, enrolment is limited. This minor consists of 4.0 FCE, similar to minors from the Faculty of Arts & Science.

This program requires an application. Details on the application process will be updated on the CIE website in March. For more information on the tri-campus minor and applications, please visit the Centre for International Experience (CIE) website.

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To be eligible to enrol in this minor, students must:

  • Be entering second year in September
  • Have a minimum GPA of 2.7 based on your top 3.0 Full Course Equivalents (6 one-term courses)

Application Process

Enrolment in this minor is via a competitive application process which will open in March.

Applications include the submission of an unofficial transcript, three short-answer questions and two video questions.

Students will be notified in early July if they are accepted and will have until July 10 to accept the minor enrolment offer on ACORN.


The requirements for a Minor in Global Engineering in the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering are the successful completion of 4.0 credits from the following courses:

  1. GLB 201H5: Global Leadership: Past, Present, Futures (0.5 FCE)
  2. GLB C01H3: Global Leadership: Theory, Research & Practice (0.5 FCE)
  3. GLB 401Y1: Global Leadership: Capstone Project (1.0 FCE) (first offered in 2025-26)
  4. Choose 2.0 FCE from the following elective courses (at least 1.0 FCE must come from List A)
List A:
  • APS 299Y0Y: Summer Research Abroad (1.0 FCE)
  • APS 510H1F: Technologies & Organizations in Global Energy Systems (0.5 FCE, CS)
  • APS 420H1S: Technology, Engineering & Global Development (0.5 FCE, HSS)
  • APS 530H1S: Appropriate Technology & Design for Global Development (0.5 FCE)
  • Global engineering-themed capstone (APS 490Y, ECE 496Y, MIE 490Y, MIE 491Y, CIV 498H) as approved by the Director of the Centre for Global Engineering (1.0 FCE)
List B (all 0.5 FCE, HSS):
  • ANT 204H1: Social Cultural Anthropology & Global Issues
  • ENV 333H1: Ecological Worldviews
  • GGR 112H1: Geographies of Globalization, Development & Inequality
  • JGU216H1: Urbanization & Global Change
  • POL201H1: Politics of Development: Issues & Controversies
  • POL208H1: Introduction to International Relations
  • CDN268H1: Canada & Globalization