Professional Experience Year (PEY)

The Professional Experience Year (PEY) internship progam is the oldest and largest undergraduate paid internship program in Canada.

PEY has established long-standing relationships with industry partners, connecting students with local and international opportunities that provide an experiential-learning experience prior to graduation.

Second- and third-year students apply for 12-16 month internships in their areas of interest where they can apply their knowledge in a project-based professional environment.

PEY vs. Co-op: What’s the difference?

Many universities offer traditional co-op programs, which help students get repeated exposure to the workplace by placing them in short-term opportunities over the course of their undergraduate studies.

PEY involves much more than simply exposing students to jobs. PEY is about accomplishments achieved over a 12-16 month internship where students are involved in large-scale projects, developing lasting relationships with employers and gain practical experience. PEY is about career preparation and development.

PEY Information Sessions

If you are interested in PEY, you are advised to attend an information session. The PEY program is intense and requires your commitment to participate in individual and group sessions, which are designed to develop your knowledge, skills and attitudes that foster successful life-long career management competencies. Students who participate in PEY are also permitted to participate in targeted seminars, workshops and individual and group sessions.