Nanoengineering Minor

Nanoengineering, and its underlying science and engineering skills, has now become embedded in academic and industrial sectors spanning the electronics industry, communications, sustainable and legacy energy, medical diagnostics and devices, micro electrical mechanical systems, and new materials for the automotive, aviation, and manufacturing sectors.

The minor provides students with an understanding of both the  structure and the application of nanomaterials and includes a range of electives connected to their core programs.


All undergraduate Engineering students are eligible to pursue the Nanoengineering Minor.

Nanoengineering Minor enrolment form.


Students in the Nanoengineering Minor must successfully complete of a minimum of six (6) 1-semester courses including mandatory and elective courses. Of the four (4) electives you may choose, at least two must be from the Advanced category. In all cases, students must ensure they meet the requirements of their chosen Engineering degree program or Option.


  • MSE219H1F: Structure and Characterization of Materials
  • ECE442H1F: Introduction to Micro- and Nano-Fabrication Technologies

Select four electives from the following courses (at least two must be from the Advanced Level):

Introductory Level Advanced Level
Biomedical Engineering & Omics Technologies (BME346H1S)

Introduction to Electronic Devices (ECE335H1F)Semiconductor Electronic Devices (ECE350H1S)Atoms, Molecules & Solids (PHY358H1S)
Biomedical Engineering Technology & Investigation (BME440H1S)

Biocomposites: Mechanics & Bioinspiration (CHE475H1S)

Applied Chemistry IV: Applied Polymer Chemistry, Science and Engineering (CHE562H1F)

Introduction to Inorganic & Polymer Materials Chemistry (CHM325H1)

Modern Physical Chemistry (CHM328H1)

Intermediate Inorganic Chemistry (CHM338H1)

Photonic Devices (ECE427H1F)

Innovation & Manufacturing of Sustainable Materials (FOR424H1S)

Electronic Materials (MSE430H1F)

Macromolecular Materials Engineering (MSE432H1S)

Synthesis of Nano Structured Materials (MSE459H1F)

Materials Physics II (MSE462H1S)

Advanced Physical Properties of Structural Nanomaterials (MSE451H1S)

Nanotechnology in Alternate Energy Systems (MSE458H1S)

MEMS Design & Microfabrication (MIE506H1S)

Fuel Cell Systems (MIE517H1S)

Advanced Physics Laboratory (PHY427H1F/S)

Relativistic Electrodynamics (PHY450H1S)

Statistical Mechanics (PHY452H1S)

Quantum  Mechanics II (PHY456H1F)

Advanced Classical Optics (PHY485H1F)

Condensed Matter Physics (PHY487H1F)

Thesis or Design Project with approval of the Director of the Minor