Student Evaluation of Teaching in Courses

The Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering uses University of Toronto’s centralized course evaluation framework and online delivery system to evaluate all courses. In conjunction with the Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation (CTSI), the Faculty oversees the course evaluation process offered by our departments and programs.

U of T has a core set of questions that are asked for all courses. Additionally, the Faculty has selected a set of questions for our courses.

Each department may include more questions and questions from an individual instructor may also be introduced. See the resources below for listings of each type of question, including questions that individual instructors can add.

Students are contacted by email and asked to visit a site where they will complete course evaluations for each of their courses.

Each course instructor receives a detailed analysis of student responses. An executive summary of the quantitative questions, in a separate student report, will be shared with students unless the instructor opts out.

Teaching Assistant evaluations are conducted via hard copy.

Please encourage your students to thoughtfully and critically participate in course teaching evaluations.


Instructor and student timelines can be found on CTSI’s website.


The following resources will help you better understand the purpose and procedure for course teaching evaluations:

Tips to help promote participation to students:

  • Promote course evaluations before the student window opens and remind students while the window is open
  • Remind students the link will be sent to them by email from the Vice-Provost, Students
  • Dismiss class 15 minutes early one day and let students know the time is provided so they can complete their course evaluations
  • Explain to students how you value and use student feedback
  • Allow the student reports, which provide the average value for questions 1-6 and Departmental/Faculty questions, to be shared with students (i.e., do not opt out of sharing) and let students know you will share the results with them

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