2023-2024 Award Winners from the U of T Engineering Class of 2T4

Image shows graduating students walking in a line outside of Myhal Centre.

Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering Recognition of Award Winners

Congratulations to the 2023 – 2024 award winners from the Class of 2T4 for their incredible academic achievements! We are tremendously proud of your accomplishments and cannot wait to see what you will do next.


Governor General’s Silver Medal

Jeff Chen / Civil Engineering

John Black Aird Scholarship

Jeff Chen / Civil Engineering

Ontario Professional Engineers Foundation for Education Gold Medal for Academic Achievement

Jeff Chen / Civil Engineering

Otto Holden Scholarship

Jeff Chen / Civil Engineering

Troost iLead Difference Maker Award

Nelson Lee / Computer Engineering

Class of 3T5 Second Mile Award

Nelson Lee / Computer Engineering

John Dixon Campbell Memorial Prize

Robert Gregory Peri / Mechanical Engineering

John Dixon Campbell Memorial Scholarship

Akshaya Kaliappan / Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Arthur Herrmann Memorial Award

Sara Esmaeili / Mechanical Engineering

G. W. Ross Dowkes Memorial Prize

Gamen (Jinming) Liu / Chemical Engineering

MacKay Hewer Memorial Prize

Edyn Alexandra Kohlman Sawa / Chemical Engineering

Adel S. Sedra Gold Medal

Isidor Kaplan / Computer Engineering

Jake Sprenger / Electrical Engineering

A. B. Platt Award, Toronto Section of the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers

Haoyang Deng / Mechanical Engineering

Ontario Chapter, American Concrete Institute Award

Angela Abdullahi / Civil Engineering

Adneen Mir / Civil Engineering

Jihwan Shim / Civil Engineering

Centennial Senior Project Award

Erin Ng / Chemical Engineering


Nile Gulistani / Civil Engineering

Meg Sarah Asis Melendres / Civil Engineering

Liah Scott / Civil Engineering

Eva Shah / Civil Engineering


Aluong Ayuen Jongkuch / Mineral Engineering

Ayuan (Belinda) Wang / Mineral Engineering

Evan Beri / Mineral Engineering

Grant Liao / Mineral Engineering


Liza Babaoglu / Electrical Engineering

Nicholas Amir Simon Heeralal / Electrical Engineering

Elliot Preston-Krebs / Computer Engineering*

Emre Yilmaz / Electrical Engineering


Rohan Gupta / Computer Engineering

Christian Joshua Louis McIntosh Clarke / Computer Engineering

Aditi Misra / Computer Engineering

Ankur Samanta / Computer Engineering


Deenar Amir Virani / Industrial Engineering


Nili Upadhyay / Mechanical Engineering


Ashley Michelle Best / Materials Engineering

Olayemi Biaou / Materials Engineering

Cleo Giannis / Materials Engineering

Jacob Kemp / Materials Engineering

David Petriw / Materials Engineering


Joanna Li / Engineering Science

Society of Chemical Industry Merit Award

Jiyoun Lim / Chemical Engineering

W.S. Wilson Medal

Ravindu Praveen Samarasekera / Chemical Engineering

Jeff Chen / Civil Engineering

Marc Morcos / Computer Engineering

Jake Sprenger / Electrical Engineering

Jason Liu / Engineering Science

Marjan Naghshbandi / Industrial Engineering

Evan Beri / Mineral Engineering

Robert Gregory Peri / Mechanical Engineering

Samantha Paradi-Maropakis / Materials Engineering

Wallace G. Chalmers Engineering Design Scholarships

Max Beggs / Industrial Engineering

Claire Shaw / Industrial Engineering

Jose Pablo Siliézar Carrillo / Industrial Engineering

John W. Senders Award for Imaginative Design

Selena Yue Liu / Electrical Engineering

Kimberley Orna / Electrical Engineering

Aurora Melva Eileen Nowicki / Electrical Engineering*

Gordon R. Slemon Capstone Design Award in Electrical & Computer Engineering

Breno Augusto Carvalho Assumpção de Pinho / Computer Engineering

Khantil Nirajkumar Desai / Computer Engineering

Karishma Shah / Computer Engineering

Peri Family Industrial Engineering Design Award

Varun Kamboj / Industrial Engineering

Mika Sustar / Industrial Engineering

Marzuk Khan / Industrial Engineering

Matin Sarahi / Industrial Engineering

John H. Weber Scholarship in Mechanical Engineering

Samantha Butt / Mechanical Engineering

Lydia Callender / Mechanical Engineering

Jeremy Mainella / Mechanical Engineering

Ana Vukojevic / Mechanical Engineering

Loumankis Family Engineering Scholarship

Graeme Aylward / Industrial Engineering

TD-FCCP Education Foundation New Horizon Scholarship

Jason Liu / Engineering Science

Frank Chik & Lai Nar Man Award

Emily Du / Electrical Engineering

Callum James McKelvie / Computer Engineering

Yipeng Guo / Electrical Engineering


*Convocating in 2024-2025