2021-2022 Award Winners from the U of T Engineering Class of 2T2

Congratulations to the 2021 – 2022 award winners from the Class of 2T2 for their incredible academic achievements!

Class of 3T5 Second Mile Award

Jacqueline Anna Fleisig / Engineering Science

Otto Holden Scholarship

Shirley Shuocheng Zhang / Civil Engineering
In Him Lee / Civil Engineering

John Dixon Campbell Memorial Prize

Yingxi Wang / Industrial Engineering
Yisen Wang / Industrial Engineering

John Dixon Campbell Memorial Scholarship

Yusuf Elgharib / Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Arthur Herrmann Memorial Award

Usama Bin Ansar / Mechanical Engineering

G.W. Ross Dowkes Memorial Prize

Protiti Das / Chemical Engineering

J. E. Reid Memorial Prize

Jeong Min Kong / Electrical Engineering

MacKay Hewer Memorial Prize

Ruknoon Shadid Dinder / Chemical Engineering

Ontario Professional Engineers Foundation for Education Gold Medal for Academic Achievement

Michael McLean / Engineering Science

Adel S. Sedra Gold Medal

Daniel Lu / Computer Engineering
Pranshu Malik / Electrical Engineering

A.B. Platt Award, Toronto Section of the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers

Jiahao Li / Materials Engineering

Ontario Chapter, American Concrete Institute Award

Joshua George Crawford / Civil Engineering*
Brigid Holland / Civil Engineering

Centennial Senior Project Award

Raneem Ahmed Nidal Mustafa Basheer / Chemical Engineering
Connor Evan Larkin / Chemical Engineering
Michelle Karrie Hung / Chemical Engineering
Emily Pelosi / Chemical Engineering
Zachary Matthew Frangos / Chemical Engineering

Salim Hourieh / Civil Engineering
In Him Lee / Civil Engineering
Kyung Yup Lee / Civil Engineering
Saffa Maryam Ramsoomair / Civil Engineering

Bassam Al Ghousein / Mineral Engineering
Joleia Marie Bucad / Mineral Engineering
Zhitian Luan / Mineral Engineering
Tianyu Xu / Mineral Engineering

Ashley Fang-Wei Hung / Electrical Engineering
Jaden Wesley Reimer / Electrical Engineering
Timothy Yeung / Electrical Engineering

Xinru Li / Computer Engineering
Nan Ni / Computer Engineering
Ziyuan Wang / Electrical Engineering

Haoyuan Xue / Industrial Engineering

Sarit Naomi Bitnun / Mechanical Engineering*
Muhammad Imad Chabayta / Mechanical Engineering*
Kevin Paapa Cobby / Mechanical Engineering*
Matthew Brian Pearson / Mechanical Engineering

Arohan Dutta / Materials Engineering
Siegfried Gautama / Materials Engineering
Mark (Pin Tsung) Liao / Materials Engineering
Juan Pablo Tupac-Yupanqui Cardoso / Materials Engineering
Andrew Joseph Wuebbolt / Materials Engineering

Callandra Claire Young Moore / Engineering Science

Society of Chemical Industry Merit Award

Jinmyung Jang / Chemical Engineering

W.S. Wilson Medal

Filippo Donato Mazza / Chemical Engineering
Kyung Yup Lee / Civil Engineering
Austin Dang-Duy Ho / Computer Engineering
Ashley Fang-Wei Hung / Electrical Engineering
En Xu Li / Engineering Science
Kyra Virginia Elise Disimino / Industrial Engineering
Ishan Grover / Mineral Engineering
Hariharan Kumar / Mechanical Engineering
Julia Lola Sally Bincik / Materials Engineering

Wallace G. Chalmers Engineering Design Scholarships

Hamza Arshad / Mechanical Engineering
Varun Anand Khanzode / Mechanical Engineering
Shauna Lynn Mauceri / Mechanical Engineering
Zannatul Naiim / Mechanical Engineering

John W. Senders Award for Imaginative Design

Safwan Hossain / Mechanical Engineering
Yue Ying Wei / Chemical Engineering
Yu Jia Xiong / Mechanical Engineering
Qingyun Yang / Mechanical Engineering

Gordon R. Slemon Capstone Design Award in Electrical & Computer Engineering

William Richard Sati / Computer Engineering
Kimberly Jessica Shek / Computer Engineering
Amy Jiaxin Shi / Electrical Engineering

Peri Family Industrial Engineering Design Award

Danielle Sze Mun Page / Industrial Engineering
Maria Alexandra Papadimitriou / Industrial Engineering
Margaret Tkatchenko / Industrial Engineering
John Jack Volpatti / Industrial Engineering

Loumankis Family Engineering Scholarship

Khadija Ishfaq Rana / Engineering Science

Frank Chik & Lai Nar Man Award

Brohath Amrithraj / Chemical Engineering

Select Equity Group Design Prize in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Jiaxing Li / Computer Engineering
Junhao Liao / Computer Engineering*
Yizhong Xu / Computer Engineering
Haoran Zhang / Computer Engineering


*Convocating in 2022-2023