2019-2020 Award Winners from the U of T Engineering Class of 2T0

Recognition of Awards

Congratulations to the 2019 – 2020 award winners from the Class of 2T0 for their incredible academic achievements!

Class of 3T5 Second Mile Award
Rahemeen Ahmed / Civil Engineering

The Elsie Gregory MacGill Memorial Scholarship
Jin (Victoria) Cheng / Engineering Science

Otto Holden Scholarship
Amin Heyrani Nobari / Mechanical Engineering

John Dixon Campbell Memorial Prize
Sijie Tian / Industrial Engineering
Rouzbeh Hadjibaba / Industrial Engineering

John Dixon Campbell Memorial Scholarship
Rui Cheng Zhang / Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Arthur Herrmann Memorial Award
Emma Shibata / Mechanical Engineering

G. W. Ross Dowkes Memorial Prize
Narmin Zakizade / Chemical Engineering

J. E. Reid Memorial Prize
Hao Yun Hsu / Electrical Engineering

MacKay Hewer Memorial Prize
Leigh McNeil-Taboika / Chemical Engineering

Ontario Professional Engineers Foundation for Education Gold Medal for Academic Achievement
Hanzhen Lin / Engineering Science

Adel S. Sedra Gold Medal
Jordan Lee / Computer Engineering
Zi Han Zhao / Electrical Engineering

A. B. Platt Award, Toronto Section of the Society of Tribologists & Lubrication Engineers
Zhenghao Yan / Materials Engineering

Ontario Chapter, American Concrete Institute Award
Zhe Hao Dong / Civil Engineering
David Anthony Gallucci / Civil Engineering
Da Eun Yoo / Civil Engineering

Centennial Senior Project Award
Rashad Brugmann / Civil Engineering
Lia Orders Codrington / Engineering Science
Somerset Prittie Jarvis / Civil Engineering
Sophie Ordman / Civil Engineering
Syed Muhammad Ali / Mineral Engineering
Faiq Ali Qadri / Mineral Engineering
Jacob Bruce Gary Rumsey / Mineral Engineering
Patrick Dong Min Chang / Chemical Engineering
Sofia Tijanic / Electrical Engineering
Dawei Shi / Computer Engineering
Zhenglin Liu / Mechanical Engineering
Rachel Wong / Industrial Engineering
Diana Darinka Vucevic / Materials Engineering
Hanzhen Lin / Engineering Science Engineering
Jihad Raya / Mineral Engineering

Society of Chemical Industry Merit Award
Wei Cheng Hooi / Chemical Engineering

W.S. Wilson Medal
Caleb Daryl Stuckless / Chemical Engineering
Adam Robert Parker / Civil Engineering
James Meijers / Computer Engineering
Sofian Zalouk / Electrical Engineering
Ali Haydaroglu / Engineering Science
Selena (Shi Ting) Lu / Industrial Engineering
Kyle Michael Owen-Springer / Mineral Engineering
Zhenglin Liu / Mechanical Engineering
Joshua Ilse / Materials Engineering

Wallace G. Chalmers Engineering Design Scholarships
Arash Nourimand / Mechanical Engineering
Aditya Pal Bhatia / Mechanical Engineering
Omar Rabbat / Mechanical Engineering
Clara Zaki / Mechanical Engineering

John W. Senders Award for Imaginative Design
Betty Bingruo Liu / Engineering Science
Netra Unni Rajesh / Engineering Science
Jacob Brennan Smith / Engineering Science
Charlie (Seung Doo) Yang / Engineering Science
Sulagshan Raveendrakumar / Engineering Science

Gordon R. Slemon Capstone Design Award in Electrical & Computer Engineering
Arnav Goel / Computer Engineering
Jiashen Wang / Electrical Engineering
Tsun Man Beston Leung / Computer Engineering
Miguel Alejando Teran Benalcazar / Computer Engineering

John H. Weber Scholarship in Mechanical Engineering
Arash Nourimand / Mechanical Engineering
Aditya Pal Bhatia / Mechanical Engineering
Omar Rabbat / Mechanical Engineering
Clara Zaki / Mechanical Engineering

Peri Family Industrial Engineering Design Award
Tianshu Shen / Industrial Engineering
Xiaonian He / Industrial Engineering
Yian Zha / Industrial Engineering