Transferring Between Full-time & Part-time Studies

A student may be able to switch to part-time studies with Faculty approval.

First-Year Students

A first-year student who is registered in full-time studies may request to transfer to part-time studies. However, the student must apply for the transfer by the transfer deadline listed in the Academic Calendar.

The student must obtain permission to transfer from full-time studies to part-time studies from the Chair of First Year, First Year Advisor or Faculty Registrar. Typically, a transfer from part-time to full-time studies is only permitted after a student has completed an entire year of his or her program (usually 10 courses).

Upper-Year Students

A student who has completed his or her first-, second-, or third-year of study as a full-time student may apply to transfer to part-time studies. The student must submit a transfer form by the deadline listed in the Academic Calendar.

Transfer to full-time studies

A student who finishes all of the courses that are required for his or her current year of study may request to begin his or her next year of studies as a full-time student by submitting a transfer application. Please note that it takes a part-time student two or more years to complete one year of his or her program.

Academic Program Load

A part-time student may enrol in a maximum of three one-session courses in each session with the permission of the responsible division or department.

Once enrolled in part-time studies, a student must complete all of the courses that are required for one year of his or her program within a minimum of two calendar years before he or she may request a transfer to full-time studies.

For example, a part-time student who requires ten courses to complete his or her first year may not proceed to the second year of his or her program after only one year of studies; the ten courses that the student is required to take must be taken over a minimum of two calendar years. Additionally, the courses that the student selects must satisfy the prerequisite and co-requisites that are specified in the course descriptions.

A student who is admitted with advanced standing, and who requires the equivalent of at least 18 single session courses to complete the requirements for his or her degree, may register in part-time studies; however, the student is subject to the same conditions as the other students. A student who requires fewer than 18 single session courses must register in full-time studies.


To fill out the request to transfer from part-time to full-time, please email with the following information:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Student number
  • Email address
  • Current program
  • Current year of study (if it’s summer, your expected year of study in September)
  • Transferring from which program
  • Transferring to which program
  • Session (e.g. Fall 2016, Winter 2017)
  • Comments