OSAP, UTAPS & Financial Aid

Government Assistance

The cost of an undergraduate program can be high. There are resources that can help.

Most provincial governments have loan programs that, along with the Canada Student Loan program, work to assist Canadian Citizens and permanent residents with the cost of post-secondary studies.

The loans are interest-free as long as you are enrolled in full-time studies.


The Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) provides loans to Ontario residents.

OSAP assumes that guardians, if able, will financially assist their child or dependent during his or her first five years of university. Your guardian’s income will be taken into consideration when you apply for OSAP.

Students are also expected to help finance their own education through part-time employment.

OSAP Application

OSAP’s application is available online. Returning students should apply for the Fall Session by the end of May. New students should apply by mid-June.

Provincial Loans

Loan Repayment

Convocating? Going on PEY? Taking a semester off? Information about repaying your student loan can be found in this presentation from the Scholarships & Financial Aid Office: OSAP Repayment Seminar 2012.

University of Toronto Advance Planning for Students (UTAPS)

The University of Toronto is committed to insuring no student admitted to a program at the University should be unable to enrol or complete his or her program because of a lack of financial means.

To help fulfill this commitment, the University provides assistance in the form of non-repayable grants. However, you are still expected to access government aid options first. To find out more about the eligibility requirements for UTAPS, visit Enrolment Services.

Full-time Engineering students are automatically considered for UTAPS funding. However, if you are in financial need, have not received adequate government funding and have not heard from UTAPS, contact the Assistant Registrar, Scholarships and Financial Aid in the Office of the Registrar.

Faculty Grants

If you have exhausted all other means of support and still find yourself in financial difficulty, the Faculty can provide financial assistance in the form of a grant. Faculty grants do not replace OSAP or UTAPS. The grants help alleviate temporary financial setbacks.

If you are not eligible for OSAP, you may still apply for Faculty grants. Keep in mind resources are limited. Grant applications should be submitted to the Office of the Registrar.

When completing a grant application, it is important the Faculty receives a complete picture of your current financial situation. If you have special circumstances that should be considered, provide an explanation on the form or in an attached letter. Failure to provide a complete picture of your financial situation can delay the decision process.

Decisions will be sent via the email address you have listed in ACORN/ROSI.

Application checklist:

  • Indicate all scholarships, grants, UTAPS and provincial and federal loans you expect to receive
  • If you have an outstanding bank loan, indicate clearly it is a loan
  • If you have large credit card debts, explain how they arose and how much interest you are paying each month. Should your grant request be successful, the Faculty will provide assistance with the interest only
  • If you have any large expenditures other than tuition, books, and rent, or were unable to save a substantial portion of your summer income, or did not work
  • during the summer, please explain why
  • If your parents can or will not provide support, provide an explanation
  • If you feel there is something you can only explain in person, indicate that on the form
  • Students may apply for OSAP up to 90 days before the end of the academic year

Faculty Grant Application