Final Mark Re-checks

Deadlines to request final course mark re-check for courses offered by the Faculty (2016-2017):

Fall Session (December exams) February 15, 2017
Winter Session (April-May exams) October 15, 2017
Summer Session (June exams) October 15, 2017

The Course Instructor ensures no question was overlooked, the addition of marks was correct and all term marks were calculated correctly. The Instructor is not obligated to re-evaluate any of the work. However, he or she does have the authority to re-grade an exam if they deem it necessary.

The Instructor is able to review the information the student entered on the request form to know what to look for on the exam. Although it is not necessary for a student to purchase a copy of his or her exam before requesting a re-check, it may be helpful since he or she will be able to review the exam and alert the Instructor to a possible error.

Depending on the availability of the Course Instructor, a final mark re-check request typically takes 3-6 weeks to process. The request may be further delayed if the Instructor is not working on campus the following session.

The fee for a final mark re-check is $13.00. If a change to the student’s final grade, the fee will be refunded.

Orders are processed once payment is received. The Office accepts credit card (using the online request form), cash, cheque, or money order. Cheques and money orders must be made payable to the University of Toronto.

To request a final mark re-check, log into the Engineering Portal.