Certificate in Music Technology

The Music Technology Certificate was designed for U of T Engineering undergraduates interested in exploring the intersection between music, technology and engineering. Through a partnership with the Faculty of Music, U of T Engineering is able to provide engineering students with access to a number of technical courses that are typically only open to music students.

There are courses within this minor that are only eligible as Free Electives (FE) or Extra Courses (EXT). Thus, students who wish to pursue this program may need to take on on coursework above and beyond their degree requirements. Students may submit requests to their home departments to take ECE446 and/or technical courses from the Faculty of Music as Technical Elective Substitutions (TES) for their degree programs.

This certificate is open to any student completing an undergraduate degree in the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering.

Notes regarding enrolment as of July 16, 2018:

  • TMU111F (both F and S) are already full of Music students. The Faculty of Music will add another section, likely in the evening, however, we do not know the schedule yet. If you would like to take the course this year, email Sharon Brown at cdp@ecf.utoronto.ca.
  • One cannot enrol in TMU130 and TMU131 through ACORN. If you would like to take either course this year, please email Sharon Brown at cdp@ecf.utoronto.ca (include which section you would like).
  • Some priority spaces exist for HUM111F. TMU313S and TMU406F, so you should be able to add yourself to those courses on July 18 if you would like to take them this year.
  • We do not have priority spaces in MUS courses, so you will have to wait until August 8 to add those. All MUS courses in the list below are eligible for the Minor and Certificate.


Students in the Certificate in Music Technology must successfully complete a minimum of three courses (1.5 FCE) as follows. Note: Each course listed has a course weight of 0.5.

Mandatory course:

TMU111H: Intro to Computer Applications in Music  (FE/EXT)

One of the following courses:

TMU130H1: Music Theory 1 (CS)
ECE446H1: Sensory Communication (TE/TES/FE/EXT)

One elective from courses listed below:

TMU319H1: Electroacoustic Music I (TES/FE/EXT)

TMU320H1: Electroacoustic Music II (TES/FE/EXT)

TMU313H1: Introduction to Music Recording  (TES/FE/EXT)

TMU330H1: Live Coding: Digital Audio in Real Time (TES/FE/EXT)


HMU111H1: Introduction to Music & Society (HSS)

TMU131H1: Music Theory 2 (CS)

MUS110H1: Introduction to Music History and Culture (HSS)

MUS111H1: Historical Survey of Western Music (HSS)

MUS200H1: Music of the World’s Peoples (HSS)

MUS202H1: Beethoven (HSS)

MUS204H1: The Age of Bach and Handel (HSS)

MUS209H1: Performing Arts of South Asia (HSS)

MUS211H1: The World of Popular Music (HSS)

MUS212H1: Music, Sound & Power in the Middle East (HSS)

MUS215H1: Music of East Asia (HSS)

MUS240H1: Heavy Music (HSS)

MUS302H1: Symphony (HSS)

MUS305H1: Music of Latin America & the Caribbean (HSS)

MUS306H1: Popular Music in North America (HSS)

MUS308H1: Handel (HSS)

MUS321H1: The Beatles (HSS)

MUS325H1: Age of Hadyn & Mozart (HSS)

MUS335H1: A Social History of the Piano (HSS)