Certificate in Renewable Resources Engineering – AECERRRE

The Graduate Department of Forestry, in the John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape & Design has expertise in sustainable resource management and bio-economics, sustainable energy production, green manufacturing and sustainable communities. This grouping of courses developed for engineering students reflects the strong interconnections between their work and various branches of engineering.

The Certificate provides recognition for a demonstrated focus in renewable resources.


Students in the Renewable Resources Engineering Certificate must successfully complete a minimum of three courses from the list outlined below:

  • FOR 308H1: Discovering Wood & Its Role in Societal Development
  • FOR 421H1: Green Urban Infrastructure:  Sustainable City Forests
  • FOR 424H1: Innovation and Manufacturing of Sustainable Materials
  • FOR 425H1: Bioenergy and Biorefinery Technology
  • CHE 475H1: Biocomposites: Mechanical & Bioinspiration
  • CIV 544H1: Design of Timber Structures