Certificate in Global Engineering

The undergraduate Certificate in Global Engineering is open to Engineering students interested in developing their knowledge of global issues and how engineers can influence and improve conditions around the world. The courses focus on a variety of concepts such as effects of emerging technologies in both developed and developing economies, global energy systems, innovative finance techniques, current theories in international development and foreign aid. All undergraduate Engineering students are eligible to participate in this minor course of study.

More information on the core courses below and the Centre for Global Engineering can be found online.

For more information or questions on completion of the certificate, please email cdp@ecf.utoronto.ca.


The requirements for a Global Engineering Certificate in the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering are the successful completion of the following courses:

Two of the following courses:
APS510H1 F: Innovative Technologies and Organizations in Global Energy Systems (CS elective)
APS420H1 S: Technology, Engineering and Global Development (HSS elective) (or previous course code APS520H1 S)
APS530H1 S: Appropriate Technology & Design for Global Development

One elective from the following courses:

ANT204H1: Anthropology of the Contemporary World (HSS elective)
ENV333H1: Ecological Worldviews (HSS elective)
GGR216H1: Global Cities (HSS elective)
JGI216H1: Globalization and Urban Change (HSS elective)
POL201Y1Y: Politics of Development: Issues and Controversies (HSS elective)
POL208Y1 Y: Introduction to International Relations (HSS elective)
CDN268H1 S: Canada and Globalization (HSS elective)

Notes: Availability of the courses (including the foundational courses) for timetabling purposes is not guaranteed; the onus is on the student to ensure compatibility with their timetable. Students must secure approval from their home department before selecting any elective outside their departmental approved list.